Zone Control
Zone control
Game TimeSplitters Future Perfect
League Elite League
Section Group Therapy
Mode Zones
Map VR
Character GOLIATH SD/9
Accompanied by
Enemies Encountered INSETICK SD/12 x4
Rewards Bronze: Neophyte Lucian
Cascade cheat
Medal Requirements Bronze: 35 points
Sliver: 35 points in 3m 15s
Gold: 35 points in 3m
Platinum: 35 points in 2m 30s
World Record : 02:15.0 (Various)

Zone Control is an Arcade League Elite League match in TimeSplitters Future Perfect. It is a round of Zones in the VR map, in which you and a trio of PROMETHEUS droids face off against five INSETICK droids.


Combat robots are thoroughly trained in simulations in order to minimise the chances of costly production recalls. Today's test is battlefield territory awareness. So instead of just shooting everyone in the diodes, try to make sure that key locations stay under your team's control.


Camp out at the blue team's spawn zone. Most of the robots will spend their time trying to kill you while your team reaches the other zones. If you die, just go back to the blue side's zone immediately and kill everyone on the way. With this strategy, it's possible to get gold or even platinum if done fast enough and you die one or less times.

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