Zombified Characters in Arcade Custom Glitch
Requirements Arcade Custom, No weapons, Character Abilities on.
Finder Dmanlolno

In Arcade Custom, there's a bug in which Bots punch like zombies for the entire match. The only known way to end it is quitting the match.

They might walk like a zombie for about a second or two. It is likely that the game confuses the AI between the arcade and the zombie bots, causing them to act like the others until the AI is reloaded.

To do this you must start an Arcade Custom match, have no weapons and enable character abilities. Only certain characters do this, here are a few of them: Hybrid Mutant, Stone Golem, Reaper Splitter, SentryBot, R109, Drone Splitter, Baby Drone, Wood Golem, Braces, The Cropolite and Sergio.

TimeSplitters 2 - Bots attack like zombies

TimeSplitters 2 - Bots attack like zombies