Level Score Person
Easy 00:38.9 Ace
Normal 00:59.0 Ace
Hard 01:13.0 Ace
Easy 00:32.3 Ace, Butternutsquash
Normal 00:46.8 Ace
Hard 00:50.0 Ace
Easy 00:35.4 Silent Thunder, Butternutsquash
Normal 00:50.5 MepH
Hard 00:57.3 Ace
Easy 00:18.6 Butternutsquash
Normal 00:32.4 Butternutsquash
Hard 00:32.9 Butternutsquash
Chemical Plant
Easy 00:15.2 Ace, Sniper W.D, Butternutsquash
Normal 00:19.1 MepH
Hard 00:21.2 Ace
Planet X
Easy 00:36.6 Silent Thunder
Normal 00:50.1 Silent Thunder, Ace
Hard 00:49.8 Silent Thunder, Ace
Easy 00:29.9 Silent Thunder, Butternutsquash, Ace
Normal 00:36.2 Ace
Hard 00:38.9 Ace
Easy 00:41.8 Silent Thunder
Normal 00:42.1 Ace, Silent Thunder
Hard 00:42.7 Ace
Easy 00:44.8 Silent Thunder, Ace, Butternutsquash
Normal 00:44.8 Silent Thunder
Hard 00:44.9 Silent Thunder


Level Score Person
Section 1
Behead The Undead 01:06.9 Silent Thunder
Putrid Punchout 00:35.8 Silent Thunder
Dusk of the Dead 7586138 Ace
Section 2
Flock Around The Dock 138 Le_Faucheur
Dock Duck Shoot 192 Le_Faucheur
Crispy Duck 100.0% Silent Thunder, Sniper W.D, MepH, Ace, Le_Faucheur, C.P.
Section 3
Tin Man Trial 04:58.5 Ace; Silent Thunder; Sniper W.D, MepH, CriticalDensity, Le_Faucheur
Lobster Run 31 MepH, Le_Faucheur
Bowl Them Over 100 Le_Faucheur
Section 4
Shame if Something Got Broken 00:17.0 Silent Thunder
Don't Wait Around 00:50.4 Silent Thunder
Brick Flung High 01:52.1 Silent Thunder
Section 5
First Impressions 00:19.3 Silent Thunder
Lasting Impressions 00:40.5 Silent Thunder
Who's he Trying to Impress? 00:39.6 Silent Thunder
Section 6
Barrel Blast 02:59.9 Silent Thunder
Bodyguard 94.9% Bothan Spy
Heist 0 16 Players
Section 7
Shop 'Til you Drop 25 Le_Faucheur
Sorry, Was That Your Bag? 16 Le_Faucheur
Everyone Must Go! 89 BothanSpy
Section 8
Girls 'n' Boys 118 Le_Faucheur
Dinner Dates 9 Ace, Le_Faucheur
Bone Grab 04:58.8 Ace, Silent Thunder
Section 9
I Can't Hear Anyone Screaming 127 Le_Faucheur
Flight Delay 98.0 % Sniper W.D, MepH
Space Vandals 47372 Le_Faucheur

TimeSplitters 2Edit

Arcade LeagueEdit

Level Score Person
Beginners' Series
Adios Amigos 00:15.2 MegaDestructor9
Casualty 00:26.7 MegaDestructor9
Top Shot 6 with 00:53.0 MegaDestructor9
Mode Madness
Chastity Chased 00:46.3 MegaDestructor9
Shrinking From the Cold 00:22.4 MegaDestructor9
Scrap Metal 00:48.6 XtR3MeSpLitT3R
It's a Blast
Night Shift 112 Fitzy
Spoils of War 00:15.7 MegaDestructor9
Demolition Derby 95 MegaDestructor9
Too Hot to Handle
Monkey Immolation 03:00.0 Various
Disco Inferno 03:00.0 Various
Burns Department 03:00.0 Various
Team Series A
Club Soda 00:48.7 MegaDestructor9
Station Stand 02:10.4 MegaDestructor9; Silent Thunder
Men in Grey 00:34.5 Ace
Cold Corpse Caper 99 Fitzy
Killer Queen 00:37.3 Matthijs Triep
R-109 Beta 105 Fitzy
Elimination Series
Baking for the Taking 5 with 01:08.1 harrall
Brace Yourself 7 with 00:45.1 MegaDestructor9
Starship Whoopers 60 Fitzy; MegaDestructor9
Burns n' Bangs
Chinese Burns 00:27.8 MegaDestructor9
Snow Business 00:22.3 thomasgx1
Rocket Man 00:49.1 Silent Thunder
Outnumbered But Never Outpunned!
Someone Has Got to Pay 106 Remlosh
Time To Split 00:49.6 MegaDestructor9
Can't Handle This 01:16.9 BothanSpy
Team Series B
Hack a Hacker 00:38.9 Grafh
Rice Cracker Rush 02:00.2 Remlosh
Superfly Lady 00:22.2 Fitzy
One Shot Thrills
Babes in the Woods 63 perfect_water41
Double Bill 00:46.5 Remlosh
Nikki Jinki Bricky 00:34.1 MegaDestructor9
Duel Meaning
If I'm Ugly- You Smell! 5 with 00:30.1 MegaDestructor9
Golem Guru 5 with 00:41.5 Remlosh
Golden Thighs 00:21.6 MegaDestructor9
Frantic Series
Hangar Hats Off! 00:45.9 DarkMaster
Can't Please Everyone 01:45.0 Various
Big Top Blowout 79 Fitzy
Team Series C
Bags of Fun 15 Remlosh
They're Not Pets! 108 C.P_p
Nice Threads 00:50.1 JugadorJ3
Sincerest Form of Flattery
Aztec the Dinosaur Hunter 129 Silent Thunder
Half Death 00:45.8 Matthijs Triep; Quochendov
Dead Fraction 00:44.9 MegaDestructor9


Level Score Person
Glass Smash
Pane in the Neck 00:03.5 MegaDestructor9
Bricking it 00:15.1 MegaDestructor9
Stain Removal 32 in 00:23.6 MegaDestructor9
Behead The Undead
Fight Off The Living Dead 4083539 MegaDestructor9
Sergio's Last Stand 4001450 Silent Thunder
Day of the Dammed 386025 s.g._p
Silent but Deadly 1000 in 00:26.4 Ace
Trouble at the Docks 1000 in 00:13.3 Various
Escape from NeoTokyo 1000 in 00:16.0 Various
Banana Chomp
Gone Bananas 00:39.5 MegaDestructor9
Monkey Business 00:40.0 MegaDestructor9
Playing with Fire 24 in 00:08.6 MegaDestructor9; Silent Thunder
Cut-out Shoot-out
Take 'em Down 4300 Various
Fall Out 1700 Various
Pick Yer Piece 1700 Various
TimeSplitters 'Story' Classic
Badass Buspass Impasse 00:38.3 Matthijs Triep
But Where Do The Batteries Go? 01:54.6 Matthijs Triep
Hit Me Baby One Morgue Time 00:50.8 Matthijs Triep
Monkeying Around
Simian Shootout 10105 Samshady
Monkey Mayhem 17750 dam2
Dam Bursters 29040 Meat-Sim

Uplink GamesEdit

Level Score Person
One player 21304 Remlosh
Easy 271762 Fitzy
Medium 244505 Fitzy
Hard 220075 Fitzy
One player 00:57.40 Silent Thunder

TimeSplitters Future PerfectEdit

Arcade LeagueEdit

Level Score Person
One Gun Fun
Rockets 101 43 MostFrantic
Big Game Hunt 95 Richard "womble" Showan
Divine Immolation 70 RJones
Commuting Will Kill You 01:39.5 AlphaCarter
Toy Soldiers 67 AlphaCarter
Dam Cold Out Here! 01:45.0 Various
On The Take
Vamping in Venice 01:24.6 Silent Thunder
Pirate Gold 00:18.7 Silent Thunder
Virtual Brutality 01:34.2 tom54
A Pox of Mox 02:15.0 Various
Rumble In The Jungle 02:22.0 CalamAS
Freak Unique 01:13.1 Dirt689
Fever Pitch
Outbreak Hotel 03:00.0 Various
Missile Bunker 03:00.0 Various
Bag Slag 03:29.0 Various
Mode Madness
I Like Dead People 75 Dirt689
Zany Zeppelin 89 Ace
Lip Up Fatty 01:08.8 ElitePhoenix
Slash 'N Grab
Screw Loose 00:59.3 Ace; ElitePhoenix
Oh Shoal-O-Mio 00:38.4 tom54
Astro Jocks 01:24.1 Dirt689
Group Therapy
Zone Control 02:15.0 Various
Front Loaded 00:47.9 Silent Thunder
Old Blaggers 10 JudaGui
Retro Chique
The Dead, The Bad and The Silly 01:08.7 josh
Ninja Garden 47 josh; Le Faucheur
Sock it to Them 00:28.9 An Empty Box


Level Score Person
Behead The Undead
Brain Drain 1122425 Ace
Rare or Well Done? 309350 Silent Thunder
Boxing Clever 2113611346 Ace
Cut-out Shoot-out
Hart Attack 1800 Various
Come Hell Or High Water 1800 Various
Balls of Steel 1300 Various
Cat Driving
The Cat's out of the Bag 01:00.5 Fitzy
Lap It Up 01:26.5 Fitzy
The Cat's Pajamas 01:37.4 Fitzy
Super Smashing Great
Avec Le Brique 01:08.8 MegaDestructor9
Absolutely Potty 00:51.8 ElitePhoenix
Don't Lose Your Bottle 00:40.0 Sniper W.D.
TimeSplitters 'Story' Classic
Queen of Harts 01:29.7 Ace
Sammy Hammy Namby Pamby 01:21.0 tom54
Glimpse of Stocking 01:13.1 Ace
Monkeying Around
Electro Chimp Discomatic 99h 59:59.9 Silent Thunder
Melon Heist 7900 Sniper W.D.
Brass Monkeys 7100 failurewarning; perfect water41
Miscellaneous Challenges
Cortez Can't Jump! 1300 failurewarning; ElitePhoenix
TSUG: TimeSplitters Underground 201100 failurewarning
Plainly Off His Rocker 375 Various