Being first-person shooters, weapons are arguably the most important feature of the TimeSplitters games. Each game features a wide selection of firearms, explosive devices and laser weapons that hark, thanks to the games' time-traveling premise, from radically varied time periods. In Arcade mode, this allows retro 1930s gangster weapons to appear alongside science fiction Plasma weapons with little or no regard to realism, a feature that perhaps serves to strengthen the games' appeal. At the same time, weapons can be grouped together (along with appropriate characters and locations), to produce a whole time theme (e.g. military weapons, bots and Vietnam... or Scotland the Brave).

Many weapons can be dual-wielded, further increasing the player's firepower. Even unarmed, the player has the option to use their fists (or equivalent appendages) to dish out damage. However, given the sheer number of heavily armed foes the player is likely to face, this often proves an unwise strategy, if survival is at all important.

The original TimeSplitters has 32 different weapons, TimeSplitters 2 has 33 weapons and TimeSplitters Future Perfect has 43. Including double weapons & excluding Fists, there are a total of 108 weapons in the TimeSplitters Universe.

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Timesplitters 1 showcase All Weapons

Timesplitters 1 showcase All Weapons


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Timesplitters 2 Showcase Weapon selection of Timesplitters 2

Timesplitters 2 Showcase Weapon selection of Timesplitters 2


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