The TimeSplitters series features a very wide variety of weapons from many different time periods, and each one needs to be used differently to get the most out of it.

TimeSplitters 1 WeaponsEdit

Assault Rifle Edit

The Assault Rifle is a versatile high-damage weapon, based around the close-quarters skirmishes that TimeSplitters 1 lives on. It is best used in conjunction with Auto-Aim, as its higher damage is not important for headshots and the magnification is poor compared to other rifles.

Assault Shotgun Edit

Being one of the best in TimeSplitters 1, the Assault Shotgun is an extremely high-damage, low spread, reasonably fast fire-rate and reasonably high-capacity weapon. With other shotguns in the original TimeSplitters, the Assault Shotgun has two spread variations that can be used at will with the primary and secondary fires. Even then, the pellet spread is so low that neither are particularly ineffective at medium range.

Unlike the Tactical 12-Gauge seen in future installments, the Assault Shotgun does not need to be pumped and reloads all shells at once. Although it can be used in almost any situation, this weapon is best used when either lurking in a high-traffic area to flank enemies, or overwhelming their defense in Capture the Bag.

Blunderbuss Edit

The Blunderbuss is an aging, inaccurate, single-firing shotgun that is only really used when the time-period is appropriate. As the polar opposite of the Assault Shotgun, it's alternate fire has a spread on par with TimeSplitters 2's Tactical 12-Gauge and has an extremely poor and somewhat finicky firerate. When either trigger is held down, the Blunderbuss will skip the reload animation which very, very slightly improves the firing speed - but it can not compete with any weapon outside of literal point-blank encounters with a single enemy. The only way to deal with multiple targets is to find a doorway to pop-out of before shooting a single shot, ducking back behind cover until the blunderbuss has reloaded, then repeating.


For the Pistol, the primary and secondary fire both shoot one pistol round out of the ten round magazine. The secondary fire on the pistol has no firing delay, if the primary fire will be used next; so alternating between Secondary to Primary fire will allow a player to shoot a 2 round burst of extremely damaging bullets.

M16 (x2) Edit

The M16 is built for precise, calculated headshots at medium range. Compared to the Assault Rifle, it has notably larger zoom but considerably lower damage - making it 5 hit kill to the body versus 4. However, the M16 can be dual-wielded to double it's firerate and capacity; making it excellent for continuous fire when defending an area.

Shotgun (x2)Edit

In the original TimeSplitters, the shotgun has a property which does not reappear in the following two games, that is that the primary fire button allows for a wide shot, good at close range, while the secondary fire button allows for a much narrower shot, better for more accurate shots. Contrary to belief, the wide shot seems to be more effective in headshots.

TimeSplitters 2 WeaponsEdit

Temporal Uplink (Type A)Edit

In TS2, the temporal uplink has a feature which does not reoccur in its Future Perfect successor, that is that it can differentiate between enemy and civilian motion signals, civilians showing up green and enemies showing red. It also allows the player to take a quick break from a hectic firefight by pausing the game while the player can play one of the Cartridge games which can be found throughout Story Mode.


The Crossbow has ammo that you can pick up again once fired. Holding the tip to a flame lights the arrow on fire, and can be employed to set enemies alight. The tip remains lit until you reload or change weapons.


The Brick weapon is equipped with a power gauge in Future Perfect (but not in the first two), whereby the longer you hold the firing button, the greater the distance it can be thrown. Aiming at the head inflicts heavy damage; an enemy cannot withstand much more after a direct hit. As the Brick ricochets, it's useful when facing a group of people. The Brick can bounce off multiple enemies, but beware, that includes yourself if too close.

Fire ExtinguisherEdit

The Fire Extinguisher deals no damage, except in one case: If you aim the Fire Extinguisher at the camera of an Autogun, the camera will break, disabling the Autogun. The Fire Extinguisher can extinguish anyone that has been set alight. However, a glitch occurs if you put out a teammate's fire. Still, it is recommended since the aflame player can ignite other players, including teammates, on fire. Bots also stop firing when they're set on fire and run around to the nearest water source or all around the arena. If you have been set alight, face downwards and run forward as you use the Fire Extinguisher to extinguish yourself. If you play as a character that is too short (the Monkey for example), you cannot extinguish yourself using this method; you must aim downward and fall off of a ledge while using the Fire Extinguisher to extinguish yourself.


The Flamethrower is useful for groups of enemies, enabling you to torch them and let the flames spread. But keep your distance from the bots, or you'll catch on fire. Robot characters cannot be set on fire, so this weapon is ineffective against them.

Homing LauncherEdit

Just like the Rocket Launcher, secondary fire shoots three rockets at once, but these will follow the target. To use the Homing Launcher effectively, fire three into a group. The rockets will find their own targets and hopefully hit them, though two rockets may hit one player. Don't shoot three rockets at one player, its logic that one's enough.


The Lasergun is most effective when charged up before firing at enemies; it'll deal major damage or even kill the enemy. Charged up shots also are the fastest projectile in the game, instantly hitting the target when fired. However, at long distance such as the hangar in the Hangar stage or the Ice Station, the Lasergun's charged mode will not hit the target at all, instead the projectile disappears at very long ranges. The Lasergun's secondary fire is a shield that allows you to guard most enemy fire, but it comes at the cost of obscured sight. The shield is ineffective against explosives and electro tool and only blocks a small portion of the front of the player. Since this gun has a scope option, you can use the shield to snipe opponents. The ammo for the Lasergun will diminish, however, when you use the shield. A final tip is to not keep your Lasergun charged, it depletes the battery slowly. If possible, use the radar, and charge the gun when enemies are around the corner.

Plasma AutorifleEdit

The Plasma Autorifle, although powerful, has a huge disadvantage: it will over-heat when you fire for an unbroken period of time (50 shots). Shots will quickly become more rapid the longer you shoot, so this can be used to your advantage by pacing your shots. Its secondary fire contains plasma grenades that can stick to walls and enemies.

Rocket LauncherEdit

The Rocket Launcher is good if you are distant from your enemy. Close proximity to the explosion will deal damage to yourself, if not kill you. Shooting at the feet of an opponent helps to make sure that the rocket doesn't miss completely. Use the secondary fire (shoots 3 rockets) against large groups of enemies.

Soviet S47Edit

The Soviet is a good assault weapon. It is automatic and can fire grenades, making it useful against groups of enemies. Although weak for a machine gun, the secondary fire (grenades) make for a handy gun. In long range areas get into the habit of "feathering the trigger" in scope mode, firing off one round at a time, as even though it is a fairly weak machine gun in automatic fire mode, the rounds are still high caliber and can inflict high damage if accurately aimed.


In arcade mode, the Electro tool will deal extra damage if used against certain kind of enemies, such as robots. on Robot Factory, in story mode, it can temporarily paralyze chassisbots, making it very easy to kill them. It can also shoot through the Lasergun shield.

TimeSplitters Future Perfect Weapons Edit

Any weapon with "(x2)" after it can be dual wielded so that you fire two guns at the same time.


When stuck without a weapon, you have no choice but to use your fists to punch your enemies. Fists, by nature, don't make great long range weapons, which means that you will have to get very close to your enemy to deal any damage whatsoever. However, fists are very powerful; using your fists could kill the enemy quickly.

If you can get up behind enemies whilst they're fighting someone else, you can kill them with a barrage of fists before they even see you. However, if they do see you, you should keep attacking and moving randomly, but staying as close as you can. This will make you much harder to hit with most guns and you shouldn't have too much trouble.

Temporal Uplink Edit

The Temporal Uplink is only used by Player One during the Story mode (with the exception of the first mission) or a mission that you have created using the mapmaker. It has two modes, one for picking up and throwing objects and the other for viewing a holographic radar. The melee attack works exactly the same as standard fists; use the melee button. On the radar, pulsing circles around a dot are checkpoints, and flashing red circles are moving NPC's, usually an enemy, but can sometimes be your ally, so don't attack any red dot that comes around the corner.

When using the Temporal Uplink, there are often many objects lying around for you to throw. Throwing an explosive object (such as an oil barrel) will make it explode on impact, often killing your target instantly. Holding large objects in front of you can create a shield from enemy gunfire, and any sizable object inflicts damage twice of that of fists. Throwing many items at zombies heads will have the same effect as bullets. You can then pick up the decapitated zombie's head and use it as a weapon to knock the head off your next enemy.

On top of all this, the Temporal Uplink can be used to pick up other weapons, health, and armor from a distance, most notably in unreachable places in Khallos Express.

Baseball BatEdit

The Baseball Bat is used as a melee weapon, meaning you will have to get close to your enemies to inflict damage. Once close enough, keep swinging the bat whilst moving to try and avoid your enemy's attacks. Remember to keep the aiming reticule on the head to do maximum damage. The Bat does more damage than simply the fists and never uses ammo, so it can be useful to keep one with you.

During Story mode, the Baseball Bat is very useful against zombies, since it can be used to decapitate them. As they are (mostly) slow moving, you should circle them whilst swinging to deal with them most effectively.

Kruger 9mm (x2)Edit

The Kruger is often used as a starting weapon since it isn't overly powerful but can be used to defend yourself if necessary. It comes as either a single or a double weapon, and you can attach a silencer if you don't want to be heard by enemies. It is available during the Story missions "Scotland The Brave, "You Take The High Road" and "Future Perfect". Sometimes, using the silencer will allow you to eliminate enemies without attracting the attention of others, allowing you to get a better show at the later ones.

When using it in an Arcade match though, the silencer is literally useless. It's best to keep your distance and take cover, since the gun is just as powerful at long range as it is at close range. Although the Kruger already packs a punch, aiming for the head will kill your enemies much quicker, so try to keep your gun pointed high.

Pistol 9mm (x2)Edit

The Pistol is a very basic weapon and will most likely be found as a starting weapon. During Story mode, you will only have it on two levels, "The Russian Connection" and "The Khallos Express". The first of these levels allows you to use the attachable silencer to get through part of the level undetected. It's best to keep some distance when doing this, since the silenced version also has a small scope giving you more accuracy from range. You can use this technique in parts of "The Khallos Express" to avoid alerting large numbers of guards in the roof-less sections of the train, where they are usually patrolling or facing the other way.

During an arcade match however, you won't get many chances to sneak up on people. This means that your enemy will be firing back at you and you should keep moving to avoid getting hit so much. Head shots will deal extra damage, so it's best to try to get as many as you can. If you get close enough (as with any weapon), the melee attack is quicker enough than other weapons to be useful in dealing quick damage. As is with all other pistols and SMGs in dual wield, if you hit the fire button while reloading, the weapon on the right starts firing while the left weapon reloads, so you can fire the left weapon while the right reloads. Although it quickly consumes ammunition, this is a handy method of suppressing fire for any tactical usage.

LX-18 (x2)Edit

The LX-18 is identical to the 9mm albeit having a larger magazine. It is found during the missions "Breaking And Entering" and "You Genius, U-Genix".

Sci-Fi Handgun (x2)Edit

The Sci-Fi Handgun is a futuristic handgun. It fires lasers instead of bullets. It has two settings, a blue laser which fires in a straight line and a green laser which can ricochet off of walls to kill enemies hiding behind corners. It is available during the Story missions "Time to Split", "Machine Wars", "The Hooded Man" and "Something To Crow About". The gun features no silenced mode, probably since none of the story missions need it.

The Sci-Fi Handgun is the starting weapon for a few Arcade maps since it fits with any futuristic setting and is very capable of defending the user. It has a long zoom and high rate of fire so it is a good mid-long range weapon, and it also carries an insane amount of ammo, making it very useful to carry around with you. If you are in a small corridor with enemies, switching to the ricochet mode and firing at the walls just fills the area with lasers, making it almost impossible for anyone not to get hit. It can end with you getting hurt, but your enemy will likely take many more hits.


The Revolver is a very slow firing, yet powerful handgun. It appears during "Mansion Of Madness" and "What Lies Below" missions in Story mode and a headshot will decapitate zombie enemies. The gun is also the starting weapon in the Arcade map "Mexican Mission". The gun has an unusual advantage: using the revolver close enough to the enemy produces a shotgun-like effect where any bot does a massive flinch, this can be annoying however when facing zombies as they flinch back so far it requires you to re-aim. Use this to your advantage; timing correctly can continually make the target flinch, allowing for a safe kill. For some reason using this weapon without aim mode makes it extremely inaccurate, so it is advised that whenever you want headshots, use aim mode.


The Injector fires a dart at the enemy, which will have different consequences depending on which mode you are playing. During the Story mission "You Genius, U-Genix", this weapon is used against the mutants to make them explode. The explosion will inflict splash damage and send entrails flying everywhere, so it is best to fire from a distance. Using the Injector on any of the other enemies will only do no damage except for headshots, so save it for the mutants.

However, during Arcade matches this weapon will cause your enemy to swell up and, if two consecutive darts are fired, explode in a similar way to the mutants in Story mode. Again, it is best to fire from a distance to ensure your safety from the explosion. It is also best to fire a few darts in quick succession, to make sure that you have fired enough to cause the explosion. Bots have enough intelligence to know when death is imminent: if they're about to explode they may run towards their opponents for a suicide run. If the player is shot twice the screen display expands to show the effect of the darts.


The Shotgun is extremely effective at close range, a close-up shot to the head can be an instant kill. Before you go into any engagement with an enemy, make sure you have your 2 shots loaded, the time you spend reloading is when you are most vulnerable. You should move in as close as you can before you fire, and move around in a random pattern whilst you reload. This makes you much harder to hit, and able to do lots of damage to your enemy. If timed correctly, you can do a double blast in <1 second.

The Shotgun is near to useless when fired from long range, so always get as close to your enemy as you can.

Tactical 12-GaugeEdit

The Tactical 12-Gauge is as powerful as the normal Shotgun, and holds 8 rounds instead of just 2. Its only downside is that it needs to pump after each shot, making it slower to fire, but this is greatly offset by the time you save from having to reload after every second shot. It also appears to have a shorter range than the Shotgun.

You should however reload whenever you get a chance, as the more ammo you have, the more chance of survival you have. Get as close to the enemy and aim for the head, as this will do more damage than almost every other weapon. From long range, this weapon does little damage, so get as close as possible to your target before firing.

Dispersion GunEdit

This weapon, when charged fully, consumes 3 shots, and this makes it exponentially more powerful, as it has a powerful knock back effect and the shot appears to kill most enemies in one shot at close range. Aiming for the head is very effective at close range with this weapon, having very similar effect to the other shotguns in the game.

This gun is very hard to hit with at long range, and does minimal damage with only one shot charged, so get in close to get kills.

Vintage RifleEdit

The Vintage Rifle is best used over a mid-long range since it doesn't zoom in too far. When using it, always try to line up the crosshairs with the head of your enemy as this will deal much more damage than anywhere else. Since the weapon has a decent firing speed, you should keep firing until you have a confirmed kill.

This weapon is best used from high ground, since you have a much better shot at enemy heads. Its 8 rounds make it useful to have with you in case of an opportunity for sniping. This gun can be used at close range, but you will most likely have a better suited weapon for nearby enemies. The low magnification capability means you may not score a lethal hit on your first shot when sniping, possibly alerting your opponent to your presence, but the high magazine capacity that means if your target doesn't take cover, you can fire a more than sufficient amount of times before you have to reload.

Sniper RifleEdit

The Sniper Rifle is identical to the above sniper despite having a larger zoom and a smaller magazine size, so use the ability to shoot from longer distances to your advantage.

Sci-Fi SniperEdit

The shield will cover the chest area of most characters, but since it only lasts for a short time, only use it when you are being fired at. However, if you crouch, it will cover almost all of a typical character's body and works very well for shooting at a moving, retaliating target. The weapon is the fastest firing sniper, has a very high magnification capacity, and holds 8-shot magazines, combining the advantages from its predecessors. The targeting reticule is just a circle, so you should attempt to place it on the head of your enemy to deal maximum damage.

Like all snipers, this rifle should be used from an elevated position at enemies lower than you for the best effect. This weapon is very hard to aim at a close, moving enemy and should be switched for another weapon in such an occasion.


The Mag-Charger is the most useful weapon during the Story mission "Breaking And Entering" in that it can disrupt electrical systems, such as cameras, gun turrets and laser grids. Switching mode on it will allow you to see every electrical system in the level, making it great for checking if the next room has any surveillance equipment. One shot at a camera or an Autogun will destroy it; don't waste your ammo. Unless you have the SBP500 or the Dispersion Gun, use the M. Charger against autobots.

During Arcade matches, switching mode on the Mag Charger will let you see every player in the level, despite walls and other objects being between you. You will also be able to fire through any solid object at anyone, anywhere in the level. Combining this feature with a very good zoom allows you to take out anyone without them even knowing your location. Since this weapon can be used anywhere, it doesn't make much difference if you are above your enemy or not, although you will have more chance of head shots from above. Make sure you are behind a wall though so that they can only fire back if they also have a Mag Charger. The only side effect is that this weapon is useless if your up against an enemy that is very shock proof, since this weapon will do no damage to them. This wall-piercing feature of the Mag-Charger makes some matches, like Gladiator and Elimination, much easier.

Machine Gun (x2)Edit

The machine gun is best used when you are right in the middle of a close range firefight. The best way to use it is to run around your enemy whilst concentrating fire on the head, always moving back a bit or very close to your enemy when you need to reload. The gun isn't so accurate at very long range, but can be zoomed in slightly so that you can take cover and attack effectively.

Dual wielding this gun greatly increases the amount of damage you will do to enemies. Get relatively close and aim at the head of your enemy to deal with them very quickly. Using two machine guns is a very effective way of taking out groups of enemies nearby each other, as you can simply concentrate fire on the crowd and the natural, open-bolt inaccuracy of the weapon will actually work in your favor. Combined with a Max Damage powerup, two machine guns are near-unstoppable.

K-SMG (x2)Edit

This old fashioned gun is best used when close to your target. You should move in a random pattern whilst attacking to minimize damage dealt to you, and aim high. This weapon also features an attachable, single-shot, muzzle-attaching rocket which can deal explosive splash damage to an enemy. Firing a rocket and then following with a barrage of bullets can be an effective way to take out foes.

This weapon can also be dual wielded, making it much more damaging. Like all dual-wielded pistols and SMGs, continually holding down the trigger, even when reloading, will make the player enter a kind of suppressing fire where one K-SMG fires while the other reloads. This gun is still effective over moderately-long distances, since it's accuracy is good (though the character moves his or her hands around a lot, the accuracy is not affected).

Soviet RifleEdit

The Soviet Rifle is deadly accurate, even at long range. Using it whilst taking cover is an easy way of killing oncoming enemies. It has quite a slow rate of fire, but this is offset by the devastating power of the weapon. It also has a small zoom, meaning that you don't have to be right next to your target to take them out.

The gun can carry a hefty amount of ammo, making it very useful when attacking an enemy base. It is also a powerful weapon at close range, so it's a good idea to carry one around with you.


The SBP 500 has a very high rate of fire, making it extremely useful for holding enemies back. This feature, along with a decent zoom length makes this weapon perfect for defending areas. Crouching behind an object for cover, you can take out enemies advancing on your position with minimal chance of being hit yourself. This gun is not only good at longer ranges, it can be used when nearby with deadly consequences as well. Concentrating fire at an enemy's head will result in a quick kill.

This weapon is put to best use when defending in Capture The Bag or Assault levels, since your enemies will most likely be out in the open for you to hit.

Plasma AutorifleEdit

The only disadvantage of this weapon is that firing it too much will cause it to overheat, costing you valuable time whilst it cools down again. However, firing in quick bursts will mean that you rarely overheat, fire more accurately, and do more damage overall. To counter that, however, is that if the Plasma Autorifle is fired to overheating, throwing a grenade will allow you to attack, and have the overheat bar reduce, so you can fire again.

The zoom on this weapon allows you to fire from distance whilst still being accurate, and the firing speed will allow you to take out groups of enemies with ease. This weapon is also high on the list of weapons that AI Bots will attempt to find, meaning that there is never a shortage of ammo lying around for it. If you keep moving whilst firing, you will find it easier to take out enemy units without taking damage.

This weapon should always be carried with you if possible.


This weapon is often placed in hard to find areas in arcade (although in most cases weapons are allocated throughout the level depending in which slot they appear in the weapon set), meaning that you must go out of your way to look for it, but gives you a great advantage against any enemy. The one disadvantage this weapon has is that it can overheat if continuously used too often, although you don't have to wait for it to cool down all the way before you start firing again. If it overheats, the firing rate is reduced to less than two per second. The cooldown time is also very slow, so it's recommended to rev it up when large groups of enemies are nearby.

Compared to the minigun in TimeSplitters 2, the Future Perfect minigun takes a drastically small amount of time to "rev up". Take advantage of this. The secondary fire makes the minigun rotate on its own, not firing until prompted. However, this mode isn't recommended, as it heats up the minigun to a high extent before stopping, and it's safe to say you don't need to skip less than a second to rev up.

Used against groups of enemies, this weapon will increase your kill count dramatically. It is a must for defending since oncoming enemies will find it very hard to get to you before your shots kill them.

Monkey GunEdit

Since the gun fires its whole magazine in an instant, its ammo resources are very limited (max 4 clips). However, most enemies will die from just a few shots, making this weapon very useful against groups of enemies.

When facing a group, simply pull the trigger of the Monkey Gun and spread the fire around the whole group. Anyone at the front will die straight away, exposing people at the back to get hit by the rest of the clip. This makes the weapon useful when defending from attacks by enemy teams during Capture The Bag games.

This gun should never be used against single enemies, since it will just be a waste of ammo. In this case, melee attack them or switch to another weapon if the enemy is far away.

Flare Gun (x2)Edit

The Flare Gun deals normal explosive damage. The shot will explode on its own after a distance, so this gun is impossible to use from a long range. The shot also spirals as it makes its way forward, making it very hard to hit moving targets. The best way to use the Flare Gun is to circle your target and aim at the ground next to them, this will often have the same effect that a direct hit would have in the lethality of the strike, simply a lack of the usual incendiary direct-hit result. If the enemy is moving straight towards you however, firing when the crosshairs go red will make your Flare go straight to the target and take it out.

You must always keep the long reloading time in mind when using Flare Guns since the gun must be reloaded after every shot, leaving you exposed if you miss. If you are dual wielding, you can keep a steady rate of fire so that you will have one gun loaded whilst the other is reloading. This will minimise the time you are left without a shot ready, and increase chances of survival. If however you only have one Flare Gun, you should keep moving whilst reloading so that you are much harder to hit.

There is an ammo intensive way to attain rapidfire with this weapon. By alternating rapidly between single and dual flare (up button)you can achieve a high rate of fire while avoiding long reload times as each time you change mode it automatically reloads the weapon. Be warned though, doing this can rapidly deplete the limited ammo for this weapon.

The Flare gun makes an exceptional weapon for story enemies in the mapmaker as the story enemy fires it very rapidly.

Rocket LauncherEdit

The rockets fired from this weapon will keep going until they hit something, so they can be used effectively from range. The default setting will fire rockets one-by-one at a steady rate, allowing you to accurately take out enemies with great effect. The alternate mode however will fire the entire magazine of rockets with great speed, doing maximum damage to your target(s). When using this mode though, most of your rockets will be wasted since most enemies would be dead from just the first few that hit, making it more efficient to fire them as singles.

The rockets fire will do much more damage from a direct hit than they will from a nearby blast, so accuracy is key. The rockets fire in a straight line, so any enemies coming directly towards you would be easy to hit. This weapon is most effective against close groups of enemies, as a single rocket fired at them can kill most of them instantly.


The rocket is relatively powerful, dealing much more damage from a direct hit than from a blast hitting the ground near a target. Once fired, this rocket has a good chance of hurting the enemy, since even if they dodge it, the rocket will keep circling them until it hits them or the ground/wall and explodes.

This weapon is best used over large open spaces, such as the Arcade map Siberia. Over these large areas, the rocket will have minimal danger of hitting a wall or an object before reaching it's target. This also applies when used down long corridors, the enemy will not get a chance to move out of the way and will most likely suffer a direct hit.

Used from close range, this weapon will likely damage you as well as your target, so it is best to fire from a distance. It often takes more than one direct hit on enemies with high stamina.

Timed MinesEdit

Since these weapons go off on a timer, it is always advised to remember when each one will detonate so that you will not accidentally kill yourself with them. When placed directly on an enemy, the mine will do enough damage to kill almost every character. If the mines are placed on AI Bots, they will also stop shooting and slowly run away, sometimes towards their allies. This make the mines very useful against groups of enemies, since one character could inadvertently doom their own teammates.

Due to these mines being based on a timer, it can be difficult to judge where best to put them so that enemies will be next to them when they explode. Instead, throw them at oncoming enemies and start firing with another weapon, hopeful encouraging your foes to start shooting back , whilst staying where they are. If you can hold them there long enough, the mines will explode, and your enemies along with them.

Proximity MinesEdit

Proximity Mines will explode whenever anyone steps near them, even if it is the one who set them. So whilst you should try to set them discreetly, you should also remember where they are so that you don't set them off yourself. They are most useful if you set them along a passage that you know enemies are using often. Setting them on walls just round a corner is also a good way to deal with threats, since by the time the enemy sees them they should have detonated.

It is always important to set these in areas where they won't be found, since there will often be another way round the mines, or the enemy could set them off from a distance by shooting them. Blending them in with your surroundings is important, placing them on dark surfaces for example would make them much harder to see for oncoming characters. If you are playing against AI Bots however, there is no need to hide them as they simply run into them as if the area was clear.

Remote MineEdit

Remote Mines will only detonate when the user decides to set them off, allowing for much more accuracy and strategy when using them. The mines will stick to any surface they land on, allowing you to hide them on any floor, wall, ceiling or object and detonate them when you see an unsuspecting enemy pass by. When placed on an AI Bot, the character will run in a panic, often towards their allies. The remote detonation feature allows you to detonate when they get close to a group of enemies, and will get you many kills with one mine.

If you are playing a team game and have a willing volunteer, coating a teammate in remote mines makes a useful kamikaze weapon. Send that teammate into the enemy base and detonate the mines when enough enemies surround them, killing many whilst using only one life. Also, placing mines along routes that enemies frequently use can be a good way to ambush them. When you see them coming, detonate the mines to take out the people at the front and then fire at the rest with another weapon.


When using this weapon, always make sure to stand back as the explosion does just as much damage to you as it does to your enemies. This weapon has the best effect when thrown at groups of enemies together, one grenade has enough power to kill everyone in the group. Also, holding the grenade back longer will allow you to throw it farther, and also increase the time to detonation. If you can time it right, you can place a grenade somewhere so that the enemy is next to it when it detonates, without ever knowing it was there.

If you can get to a close, yet safe distance from your enemy, the grenade can be thrown with much more accuracy. If you make your crosshairs go red, the grenade will be thrown directly at your enemy's body. Doing so will make the grenade drop just in front of the character, and will do maximum damage to them. This technique is best used against single units.

The grenade does not explode on impact. Rather, it's triggered by a time-delay mechanism and will explode in mid-air if you toss it straight up in an outdoor area. This can be a tactical asset or liability in a match, and must be considered when you use a grenade.

Plasma GrenadeEdit

Since the Plasma Grenade will stick to anything it touches, sticking one directly on an enemy will do the greatest amount of damage. If you can get close enough, throwing the grenade when the crosshairs are red will throw it directly at the enemy, dealing major damage when it explodes. Throwing them at a large group of enemies is also a way of putting the weapon to good use.

Since the Plasma Grenade cannot bounce, it is more accurate, yet harder to use from a distance than the standard Grenade. However, always being ready to throw makes it a good idea to carry them round if possible. A large disadvantage is that, unlike the grenade, holding down the fire button longer doesn't increase the detonation time.

Another big downside to the Grenade is that if you run towards where it exploded you will still take serious damage and if long enough, death, this is probably caused by some sort of radiation due to it being a plasma and a futuristic type of weapon. Although, you can use this to your advantage by luring nearby enemies to where the plasma grenade exploded or even in groups of enemies.

The Plasma Grenade will explode instantly if it receives damage. You can use it to your advantage to decrease the detonation time.

Time GrenadeEdit

The Time Grenade is only available in the Story missions "Breaking And Entering" and "You Genius, U-Genix", but is the most useful grenade in the whole game. When you encounter large groups of enemies, throwing a Time Grenade will slow them down enough for you to be able to shoot them without them being fast enough to shoot you. Like all grenades, the Time Grenade is always ready to throw, so using it with other weapons is the fastest way to take out enemies.

If thrown directly at enemies, the Time Grenade will deal enough damage to kill them, as well as slowing down time for you to finish the rest of them. This weapon is most effective when thrown at the Tank-Bots that can do lots of damage to you. If thrown directly at the robot, the grenade will either do enough damage to kill it or to weaken it enough for you to finish off.


TNT only appears in the story mission Scotland The Brave. It is used to blow open a door, but most importantly, a tank. TNT can stall the tank no matter where you place it.

This tactic deals extra damage to the tank, which is especially useful in Normal and Hard. If possible, grab some TNT and put it on the tank, and grab another nearby box. Put it on the engine on the back (the smoking part that isn't red) to maximize damage. If you miss, the TNT should still do significant damage.

Harpoon GunEdit

The Harpoon Gun is put to best use when reasonably close to enemies, since it can be difficult to aim from long range. If fired at an enemy's head, it will do far more damage than anywhere else, so keep this in mind when using it. Since it has good stopping power, firing at oncoming enemies will be a good way of dealing with them, therefore making this a good defensive weapon. It is best to keep firing harpoons until you are sure that your enemy is dead, since you can pick up spare harpoons after you have finished with them.

Used at longer range, you must take into account the fact that the harpoons fired will be affected by gravity as they go. This means that they will not travel in a straight line like other weapons; they will go up and then down, as if they were being thrown. Because of this, you will have to aim above your target to hit them, and once you find out which height will hit them, you should carry on firing there until you finish them off.


The Flamethrower is useless when used from range, so you must get close before it can cause any effect. This is a disadvantage since almost any other weapon in the hands of your enemy could eliminate you before you get a chance to strike back. However, when close enough this weapon deals major damage to the victim. If you hit them with the flame, they will usually only survive if they have full, or very close to full health.

The way to get the most out of this weapon is to get in close to a group of enemy units, and fire up the flame, whilst moving the aim in a sweeping fashion. People at the back of the group will not be protected since the flame goes through people and always reaches its maximum length. This, followed up by a few shots from another weapon, preferably an automatic like the SBP500 or dual Machine Guns, can be a very effective way to deal with multiple targets.

Ghost GunEdit

In the Story mission "What Lies Below", this weapon has an unlimited amount of ammo, but can not be used on the zombies which are by far the most common enemy. When you pick it up, just hold down the fire button and move slowly through the cavern so that ghosts will not catch you by surprise. When you see a ghost coming you only need to touch them with the beam, holding the beam on them is not necessary. Always stay close to your past self once you find them, and deal with the ghosts in the same way. If the ghost charges you, you cannot attack it.

In Arcade mode, the Ghost Gun does use ammo, but will convert any damage inflicted on enemies back into health for the user. This makes the weapon very useful when you have been hit a lot and there are no nearby health packs, as you can recover as well as continue killing enemies. Since the beam is perfectly straight, like a non-electric Electrotool, the gun is quite easy to aim from a long distance, so you may find cover before using it. From close range, this gun isn't quite as safe to use, so it is best to move back whilst firing. Also, when you (the player) get killed by a Ghost Gun, you turn into a ghost if someone sucks up all your health.

The Ghost Gun is useless in mapmaker story maps, as there are no playable ghosts. However, it is a good weapon to use as an objective (have the player complete the objective by picking it up) or as a weapon to tease the player by giving him/her a useless weapon.


The Electrotool is far more effective when used against Robots than against other characters, and has two firing settings. The first setting will deal with enemies most quickly and accurately, since the beam fired is constant and easy to point at a target. Held on an enemy, it will damage them quickly and kill them with speed. The one disadvantage of this setting is that it uses ammo up quickly and so you won't be able to kill many enemies without finding more ammunition. This mode is best used from a mid-long range, since it is easiest to concentrate your fire on an enemy, whilst having freedom to move around. This mode can also shoot through a Scifi Sniper shield.

The second setting fires small blasts of energy, using up ammo much slower than the default setting. The disadvantage of this mode is that you cannot simply concentrate a beam on a foe to disable them. The blast is slower than a normal bullet, and so is harder to aim from a distance, but it has good stopping power which makes it useful when in close range. Most useful against Robots, this setting will rarely use up all of its ammo, whilst still dealing enough damage to kill enemies effectively, making it the better setting in some situations. This mode seems to be efficient against shock proof characters.


When using Bricks, always make sure to circle your enemy. If you stand still whilst trying to aim your Bricks, any enemy will have an easy chance to kill you quickly. When circling, the simplest way to get a kill is to keep throwing as many Bricks as possible until your enemy is dead. Bricks are easier to aim from a distance than when you are right up next to your enemy, so take a few steps back before starting your attack.

The Bricks are very powerful and so will dispose of enemies quickly. When thrown into a crowd, they have a great chance of hitting and will dispose of some of their units very quickly. The Brick also features a strong melee attack, so if you find yourself close enough to an enemy, tapping the melee attack button will deal great damage to them.

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