Size Large
Location Walled Damaged Area / People's Independent Staeplonia
Climate Dusk/Abstract
Unlockable "Spaceways" on Normal
Recommended Bots N/A
Recommended Weapons N/A

Warzone, as the name would suggest, is a conglomerate of buildings that have been seemingly decimated by artillery, with hints of a nuclear exchange. There are many small places in which to take cover, with narrow corridors that are suited for close-quarters combat. It features many different propaganda posters and broadcasts that are played throughout the level, as well as the sounds of weaponry in the background. One courtyard features a ruined tank, upon which the player can clamber.

It is the only map not to feature in any Challenge or Story Mode in the original TimeSplitters, as with Ufopia from TimeSplitters 2.

Trivia Edit

  • The banners on the building opposite the tank (pictured) resemble the Nazi equivalent, although the swastika has been replaced.
  • Some of the broadcasts are made by an announcer that has a voice similar to Winston Churchill.
  • Propaganda posters reveal that the level is in a country known as the People's Independent Staeplonia.
  • There is a propaganda poster that reads: 'Don't let them take the P.I.S' short for Peoples Independent Staepolonia.
  • The chassis of a T-72 Main Battle Tank or possibly one of its copies like the Yugoslavian M-84 painted in a single tone green can be found at the entrance of a destroyed tunnel.  The tank and its color scheme could suggest that the Warzone level is set somewhere in Eastern Europe.
  • The silhouette of the enemy soldier with visible eyes on some of the propaganda posters was used in the 2002 documentary series Gladiators of World War II and in the 2009 movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.


Timesplitters 1 showcase Warzone

Timesplitters 1 showcase Warzone

Warzone video