Virus Bot Glitch
Requirements TimeSplitters 2
A Mapmaker with lots of the tile "Core"
Stay in an inaccessible place to bots
Industrial Tile Set
Four teleporters
Finder 493Titanollante

In Virus, Bots NEVER try to kill you or any other player. However, there's a glitch on Mapmaker where if the area you are in can't be reached by the Bots (for instance, you spawned on a ledge above the bots and there is no way up from below), they will sometimes shoot you, and if they have a Homing Launcher, you will surely experience the glitch. They'll sometimes shoot just one projectile, and will NEVER miss; and rarely, they'll shoot the alternate fire. To end the glitch, the Bot must be killed.

Signs of the GlitchEdit

You know when the glitch is about to happen when:

  • AI Bots with Virus are standing, looking at you.
  • AI Bots with Virus kill themselves.
  • AI Bots with Virus are aiming at you.
  • AI Bots with Virus kill themselves AND one or more of his fellow tagged contenders.
  • AI Bots with Virus kill contenders that AREN'T on fire (Rarely).
  • AI Bots with Virus kill one of their fellow tagged contenders.
  • One of the AI Bots with Virus that are running towards each other fires a projectile, usually resulting in all of them dying, the one fired-at dies, or you hear the one fired at, scream.
  • OR it happens with absolutely NO warning, with the one who fires-at you out of your attention, with the signs usually happening after.


  • I have not tried this glitch with other tile combinations, if someone does the glitch with other tiles, please tell me.
  • I have not tried this glitch with Flame Tag, if anyone tries it, please tell me.
  • I do not know if the glitch is available in other Tile Sets.

UPDATE:You don't necessarily need to stay where the AI Bots can't reach without teleporting, all you need is a Mapmaker made MOSTLY of "Core", and I have not tested it alone so I'll update as quickly as possible.

Necessary to haveEdit

  • A Mapmaker made mostly of "Core".
  • One Un-reachable Tile connected to the highest "Core".
  • A spawn point in the Un-Reachable Tile.
  • Two teleporters, one for the Virus and another one for the player(s), make sure the first reachable one is the Virus' and the second is for the player(s).
  • A Maximum of at least 7 "Core" bases (bottom part) on the same floor.

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