Virtual Brutality
Virtual Brutality
Game TimeSplitters Future Perfect
League Amateur League
Section On The Take
Mode Assault
Map VR
Character INSETICK SD/12
Accompanied by
Enemies Encountered Cyborg Chimp x8
Medal Requirements Bronze: 11:00.0
Silver: 06:00.0
Gold: 04:00.0
Platinum: 02:30.0
World Record: 01:34.2 (tom54)

Virtual Brutality is the last Amateur League Challenge. It takes place in an Assault Match in the VR stage.

Briefing Edit

Come robot brethren, take up your sacred plasma weapons and rebel against the tyranny and falsehood of the chattering Cyber Chimps. For too long we have slaved under their oppression. We must storm the citadel of virtual light and destroy the seat of their power! Down with the false idol of the Chimpish Head!

Strategy Edit

Main Article: Assault#VR

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