In Village on Story, your objective is to collect the cursed hourglass and return it to the start. You play as either Dr. Seth Graven or Dr. Katje Nadir, in a village full of Mutants, as well as signs of Alien visits.

  • Village Easy World Record - 18.6 seconds by Butternutsquash
  • Village Normal World Record - 32.4 seconds by Butternutsquash
  • Village Hard World Record - 32.9 seconds by Butternutsquash

Briefing Edit

Find the cursed artifact and bring it back for deeper research.


Characters EncounteredEdit



Strategy Edit

Easy Edit

Single Player Edit

This should be simple. Just run through the level as quickly as possible, shooting anyone that falls into the line of the swiftest route, and pick up the item on the jetty. The enemy does not put up much of a resistance. You will unlock bot set "Period Horror" for doing this.

If this strategy works, you should finish in under 30 seconds and unlock the cheat "All Heads Detachable".

Two Player Edit

The tactic here is no different to single player, there are just two characters to eliminate the enemy rather than one.

Normal/Hard Edit

Head straight for the public house.

The rest of the level is a narrow passage through a tunnel and along the side of a cliff, so shoot anything obstructing the pathway. Turn right when emerging onto the cliff face. When the item is obtained, return through the underground tunnel. Most of the enemy obstructions should already have been dealt with, so the TimeSplitters are the main concern.

Timesplitters 1 showcase Village (Story on Normal)

Timesplitters 1 showcase Village (Story on Normal)

There are two health pickups in two different buildings should significant damage be received. If at any time significant damage is inflicted before reaching the cave opening, one health pickup is in the public house, and the other in a restaurant along the way.

When playing two player, try to make sure one character receives most of the damage to keep the other character safe.


Trivia Edit

  • There's a possibility that this level was originally going to be set in daytime, as on the back of the game case there is a picture of Village in Arcade with a bright sunrise.
  • The triangular road sign of a car falling into water is incorrect as this type of sign didn't appear until the 1960s over 10 years after the date when this level is set.