Size Medium
Location Vietnam jungle
Climate Sunset
Unlockable Unlocked by Default
Recommended Bots Nobby Peters
The General
Private Hicks
Sapper Johnson
Captain Fitzgerald
Tommy Jenkins
Private Jones
Recommended Weapons LX-18 (x2)
Machine Gun
Tactical 12-Gauge
Flare Gun
Proximity Mines

Vietnam is considered a versatile map. This map consists of two bases separated by a river. There's a lot of jungle terrain and war-related items here. Vietnam is a good map for players of all talents, beginner or expert. There are plenty of wide open spaces with decent cover areas (good for snipers and long-medium ranged battles) as well as a nice supply of tunnels (perfect for close range battles). It has background war sounds, similar to those of Training Ground, however they are much more intense, and a huey can be seen flying past in the sky. Most, if not all, modes play brilliantly here, particularly Team Deathmatch, Elimination and Assault. In every mode except Assault, one turret is on either side of the river.

This Level is playable on Assault. The objectives are:

-Gain entry to the enemy camp-- You need to get into that cave and get to the waterfall.There is a fence so you can't go to that side. There are two guns.

-Radio in a chopper-- There is another cave. Go through it and Look to your left. You will see TV's. Use them to call. It takes 7 seconds to activate it. There are 2 guns.

-Get to the extraction point-- You need to gt through the last tunnel and out of it. There is 1 gun.

Glitches Edit

If the crates in the bridge room are pushed into the water they'll fall through as if it was a cliff.This isn't the case for the crates in the other parts of the level.

Trivia Edit

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