Venus Starr
Species Human
Size Normal
Native Timezone 1853
Related Characters N/A
Games TimeSplitters 2, TimeSplitters Future Perfect

Venus Starr appearing in Timesplitters Future Perfect.


Venus Starr in Timesplitters 2.

Venus Starr (or simply Venus in Future Perfect) is a cowgirl remarkable for her large bust who appears in TimeSplitters 2 and TimeSplitters Future Perfect.


TimeSplitters 2Edit

TS2 Venus Starr Venus Starr

Star 3
Unlock Arcade League > Honorary League > Burns n' Bangs > Rocket Man with Silver or better
Gallery Venus left her hometown at a young age in search of fame as a showgirl. Despite her obvious charms and snazzy homemade costume, her career has yet to take off. Perhaps she should have gone somewhere more cosmopolitan than Little Prospect.
Accuracy Agility Stamina
10/20 6/20 12/20

Venus Starr first appears in TimeSplitters 2. In the Wild West Story level, she appears as a damsel in distress who must be saved from a burning barn. Outside of Story mode, she appears in several Arcade League matches and a couple of Bot Sets.

TimeSplitters Future PerfectEdit

TSFP Venus Starr Small Venus Starr

Star 1
Unlock Arcade League > Honorary League > Fever Pitch > Bag Slag with Bronze
Gallery Venus always keeps her shooters loaded and ready for action.
Gesture Shakes suggestively, squats, and says "Howdy cowboy. I'm hot. Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? You can keep your hat on."
Speed Stamina Shock Proof Fire Proof
6/8 5/8 5/8 5/8

Starr returns in TimeSplitters Future Perfect, but with a diminished role. She doesn't appear in Story mode and is only seen in an Arcade League match where she has allied herself with Jared Slim and Eli Scrubs.

Trivia Edit

  • In TimeSplitters 2, if the small heads cheat is activated, the bottom of her hair will still be normal size, as if it's part of her body.
  • Part of Venus' gesture may be a reference to the 1972 Randy Newman song You Can Leave Your Hat On.
  • She shares her gesture with Lt Malone (TSFP) and Arial DaVinci, but with difference in speech.
  • Despite wearing gloves, her TSFP hand models do not feature them.

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