Size Medium
Location Venice, Italy
Climate Nighttime, overcast
Unlockable Default
Recommended Bots Deep Diver
Fergal Stack
Warrant Officer Keely
Mr. Fleshcage
Sapper Johnson
Kitten Celeste
Comrade Papadov
Recommended Weapons Revolver
Harpoon Gun
Timed Mines
Soviet Rifle

Venice is a cramped area with enemies that can pop up out of nowhere. There are numerous gondolas throughout the map that can be rode to traverse the canals that split the level roughly down the middle. The Shotgun is strongly recommended!

It is well-known that Venice contains its canals. If you fall in, you'll die, so be careful!

Boat Edit

In Venice, there is a boat that comes by blue and red base, you can get on it and ride it to a building which has weapons, a body armor, and power-ups. The boat does not appear on Virus or Elimination.


The music in Venice is actually a cover of the piece "The Funeral of Queen Mary" by Henry Purcell.

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