The Uzi is a weapon only appearing in the original TimeSplitters. It is a small, pistol-sized weapon, which can be dual-wielded, along with being fully automatic.



The Uzi uses the same ammunition as the Pistol and has a 20-round magazine. When only using one, the Uzi seems to lack a lot of strength and is generally not a good weapon. However, when the Uzi is dual-wielded, its somewhat effectiveness increases to a greater degree, giving it more power, compared to the stronger weapons in the game. It is worth noting that continuous fire with this weapon is near perfect with accuracy, with very little change in direction between shots, meaning that both a "feathering" single shot technique and full automatic fire are effective.

When "if best" is switched on, the Uzi ranks as the 16th worst weapon on TS1, however, its dual-wield variant is 12th best, on the same level as the Assault Rifle and Shotgun.

The Uzi was featured in TimeSplitters, but has been "made redundant" in future installments of the game. There was no need for an uzi in TimeSplitters 2, with the likes of the Soviet S47, the Tommy Gun, and the SBP90 Machinegun dominating the load-out. Similarly, in TimeSplitters Future Perfect, it was not needed because weapons such as the K-SMG, Machine Gun, and the SBP500 were already available.

Uzi TS1

The Uzi view model and spawn model

General note on ammunition:

In comparison to TimeSplitters 2 and Future Perfect, in TimeSplitters 1, a player could carry a maximum of a very unrealistic 500 rounds for any weapon which uses 9mm ammunition; considering this ammunition is stored in magazines for the pistol and mauser, magazines for the Uzi and drums for the Tommy Gun, it would be near impossible to carry enough magazines for 500 rounds. This abundance of ammunition was altered in TS2 and FP, where a player can carry a maximum of 60 rounds for each pistol, with the exception of the Revolver in Future Perfect, which holds 80.


  • The Uzi was originally going to be featured in TimeSplitters 2 as well, but was removed from the game before the final release. Based on one of the Timesplitter 2 trailers, it would've appeared in the NeoTokyo instead of the SBP90, which replaced it.
  • Its fire rate makes the weapon favourable among players, but the magazine size is a turn-off to some.
Official TimeSplitters 2 Trailer

Official TimeSplitters 2 Trailer