• Mr. Compound

    The New Generation

    March 9, 2013 by Mr. Compound

    Despite the age of the TimeSplitters series, I would still hope to pass it on to a younger generation, if only to give a little nostalgic taste of all the fun I've had with it. After my little cousin saw me playing TS2 the other day, he begged me for a go. Since it lacked the buckets of blood from TSFP, this didn't seem to be an issue. Now, he's spent the whole day playing it, and is quite partial to Flame Tag (as well as the Stone Golem and Scourge Splitter). From this point onwards, though, I don't really have an issue if he moves on to other things. Seeing him score a real-life Most Manic award and jump around like crazy and have a great time, as well as experience TimeSplitters for a bit, is enough for me. Still, seeing him enjoy a bit more …

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