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    In this blog, i am going to talk about how I got into the technical and data side of things. First off I was looking on google for TS2 mods or an editing program to see if there were any because other old games had a few mods which add to the replay value of things, fix annoying bugs, add difficulty or balance games to the modders liking. I had no idea how to do any of these things and had no prior experience in coding, or binary & hexadecimal AT ALL. I'm still not THAT good at finding these things, but nonetheless this has became a fun and interesting hobby for me.

    With taking a liking to mod games I enjoyed to play, I was curious how to mod TS2. I knew these types of games were moddable since I played a Super Smash Bros Brawl mod before. …

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    TS2 - Weapon Stats

    April 9, 2018 by Dude30500

    Here I will document each Weapon statistics excluding damage.

    ROF = Rate of Fire, in frames. The game runs at 60 frames per second on NTSC or 50 on pal. Guns with 2 values shows the primary and secondary firing speeds most of the time. Less means faster.

    • Silenced - weapon is less likely to alert enemies if firing near.
    • AI ROF Modifier - affects how much slower the AI shoots with a gun, based on AI level. AI levels 5 and under use the fastest value, AI levels 10 and lower use the middle value.
    • Ricochet - presumably the chance for bullets to bounce off surfaces. Certain non-bullet guns have this, and may do different things (flamethrower/fire extinguisher)
    • RPM - rounds per minute, just a conversion of ROF for 60 FPS. Burst fire weapons take in accou…

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    TimeSplitters 1 Stuff

    March 27, 2018 by Dude30500

    Since I modded TS2 and TS:FP, i wanted to try and approach TS1 and see what i could mod on it. Being a simpler game, there is less to dig up but I wanted to see how the game works

    All killable things have 1.0 hitpoints, which is weird in all difficulties. There is many multipliers to calculate the damage.

    On the wiki, chest damage is correct, head shots deal 12.5 times more damage, and leg shots deal only 0.4 times the damage, on all bullet weapons.

    TS2 and TS:FP have their characters/guns sorted manually, while TS1 is all ordered by internal ID.

    The handicap multipliers gives the exact same damage-taken modifiers in all 3 games

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    TS2 - Bot Stats

    January 25, 2018 by Dude30500


    Story Level: Lower Level is better, Level 1-5 fire the fastest, level 6-10 fire medium speed and level 11-15 fire the slowest. This multiplier value varies from weapon to weapon.

    Story HP: 1+0.2(15-lvl) (Easy/Normal/Hard HP)

    AI Reaction Time for each AI Level (In seconds)

    1. '0.05' secs
    2. '0.15' secs
    3. '0.20' secs
    4. '0.35' secs
    5. '0.45' secs
    6. 0.75' secs
    7. 0.85' secs
    8. 0.95 secs
    9. 1.00 secs
    10. 1.10 secs
    11. 1.50 secs
    12. 1.75 secs
    13. 2.00 secs
    14. 2.50 secs
    15. 3.75 secs

    Story Level Story HP Arcade Health Arcade Level Arcade Speed Story (Special) Special


    12/20/28 (Wild West)


    5 7.5

    Jungle Queen
    12/10/8 1.6/2/2.4
    5 8


    15/15/15 1/1/1
    7 9

    Stone Golem (Story)
    4/2/1 3.2/3.6/3.8
    2 7 Only can be damaged by explosions

    Wood Golem (Story)
    8/5/2 2.4/3/3.6

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    January 20, 2018 by Dude30500
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