Once upon a time there is a duck named Drake. By the way, A Drake is a male duck. Anyways Duckman Drake lives in the nice blue water! He loves to swim and drinks water alot, One morning he went for a swim until he got shot by a dart. The fat man known as Big Tony shot him with a dart which would turn him into a man sized duck. Soon, Duckman Drake walked on the path so he was shocked that he is big and he scared the fat man away to Chicago. Duckman Drake was itchy since he was shot. Anyways he went to USA and found himself at a Chinese Restaurant so he entered because he thought nobody was home. Then Chinese Chef found him and trapped him in the water. Duckman Drake is stuck at the restaurant so next night, he was listening to Gaston Boucher and Chinese Chef talking about who should be the ingredient. They both agreed for Duckman Drake and Calamari. So they begin chasing Calamari around the restaurant and then, Calamari started fighting back and chasing Chinese Chef and Gaston. Then Duckman Drake joined in and they began friends. Now one day Chinese Chef and Gaston Boucher would have revenge against Duckman Drake and Calamari. (That day is in Future Perfect by the way)

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