Just for fun, I'm gonna be writing down TS2-style "briefings" for TS1's levels down below.


Great Pyramid, Egypt

An ancient Ankh was stolen from a shrine by a group of strange Cultists. The cultists took the ankh and fled to a nearby pyramid, which seems to be their base of operations. For months there have been reports of attacks in the area, civilians being captured for some unknown rituals...

Not only that, but other villagers in the area report strange occurrences. Living corpses animated by black magic, mummies risen from their eternal slumbers, and even gods from another time...

The Egyptian Government has decided to put an end to the cult's activities. They have enlisted the aid of professional treasure hunter Captain Ash to sneak into the Cult's pyramid and find the ankh, which may be the source of the strange black magic in the area... After finding the Ankh, the Captain should bring it to the shrine it was originally stolen from. Afterwards, once the magic in the area has finally ceased, the government will deploy troops to silence the cult and end its foul activities for good.

But be careful! The cultists are armed and willing to kill, and the rumors of animated corpses may not be rumors at all... Also, this place is an Egyptian tomb. It's maze-like corridors and ambushes could leave your soul wandering an eternal maze...


Oriental Restaurant, New York

The NYPD have had their eye on this restaurant for years now, believing it to be a front for the local Triads in the area to push their operations. However, some disturbing info came to light - The Triads are getting more well-armed.

It's believed the Triads have garnered support from a notorious criminal organization, headed by the infamous criminal mastermind, Mister Big. With that kind of criminal at the helm of this operation, it's possible things will get worse and worse if something isn't done.

The NYPD plan to step in to shut the gang's activities down. However, they need evidence as well. As a result, they've called upon the best of the best to spearhead the infiltration to get evidence...

Detective Harry Tipper is the best.

Tipper's job will be to investigate the restaurant, find evidence, and clear out of there. He will sneak in through the alleys nearby, and will escape through those same tunnels once he's found the proper evidence.

But be warned - Mister Big is a dangerous man. His hoodlums are armed to the teeth and incredibly dangerous, not to mention how the Triads are also working with him. Also, who knows what kind of strange outside-friends Mister Big has on his side...? This will be a dangerous mission...

But nothing for Harry Tipper!


Abandoned shuttle base "Cyberden", Los Angeles

Cyborg terrorist activity in the area is on the rise in Los Angeles. Something must be done about them - The attacks are escalating, and it's very likely they're planning something big, something that could threaten the whole city...

The LAPD has traced their activity to what is believed to be an abandoned shuttle base (Now nicknamed "Cyberden"), left many years ago to rot. It is believed these cyborgs are now using this place as a base of operations. In order to deal with them, the LAPD are sending decorated officer Chastity Detroit to the base in order to investigate, and find out what their plans are.

The cyborgs are armed and incredibly dangerous. They'll shoot on sight, so you better as well!

This place is an abandoned shuttle base; Its corridors are long and maze-like, and there are many opportunities for cyborgs to potentially ambush you. Keep an eye on your six o'clock at all times!

What you should first do is locate the upper control room and activate the Master Control panel. This will allow you to penetrate further into the base, where the cyborgs are most likely stashing their plans. Keep in mind that some doors may lock behind you after you activate this panel, so you'll have to find another route through the base.

And be careful! Once you grab those plans, the cyborgs will start to attack in droves, so quickly find your way out once you get the plan! Who knows what other sick creatures could have stowed away in this dreadful facility over the years??


Old Fishing Village, Europe

Three weeks ago, what was believed to be a meteorite crashed near this quiet little village near a European coast... After that, the village went silent. Nobody could get into contact with them, and people who went into this village never returned. A once kind, peaceful village now has a dark shadow looming over it...

The rivermen nearby speak of a cursed alien artifact in that meteorite, that has cursed the villagers, transforming them into hideous, bloodthirsty monsters. They fanatically protect the artifact, killing and mutating all who enter, slaves to its will...

They even speak of the possible owners of the artifact, how they control time and string the villagers like puppets...

The government has taken notice of the string of murders and plan to deal with the village. However, before their attack, perhaps one should take that artifact, and bring it to a lab for further study... Doctor Katje Nadir believes so.

Thus, she plans to infiltrate the village at night to find this cursed artifact and bring it back to her lab for further study. She can't allow the government to toy with things beyond their understanding.

This will be a dangerous job. The villagers are violent, and the whole place is a maze of buildings, alleys, and caverns. You should head off towards the docks, and move towards the cliffs nearby, towards what is believed to be the crash site. The artifact shouldn't be too far from that...

Chemical Plant

Abandoned Chemical Plant

A large-scale jewelry store was knocked off recently. Notorious Irish thief "Fingers" McKenzie is behind the robbery. He has made off with priceless green crystals. They should fetch a pretty penny on the black market...

However, he had to make a detour to hide the jewels. He went to an abandoned chemical plant near the area to stow them away for another time.

Three days later, and it's time to make a pickup. Unfortunately, the SWAT have followed his trail and are guarding the plant. Not only that, but a rival gang has also hidden themselves in the plant. Both parties are searching for these jewels, so it's a race against time...

You should head towards the silver-metal building - That is where you stashed the jewels. Just be cautious, as the SWAT are ordered to shoot you on sight, and the rival gang in the area don't care much for you either.

The plant is both wide open, and terribly claustrophobic at the same time. The outdoor area will be dangerous, as you can be fired upon from multiple angles. Once inside, the plant will become tight, not helped by the weapon of choice for most of these gangsters.

Once you find the gems, you should leg it out of there in a hurry - You don't want the SWAT to sniff you out and make you have to repeat this, do ya? And watch your back, you might run into these gems' original owners. And if what you heard is right, they aren't a kind folk...

Planet X

Planet X

Alien activists, protesting against the increasing presence of the humans in the galactic community, have finally turned violent. Two weeks before the signing of the acceptance of humankind in the grand-galactic community, the activists attacked the grand capital, stealing the Cyberbrain of the grand judge of the capital and taking him hostage.

The Academy have tracked them down to the wasteland planet X, where they are believed to have made their base. In order to secure the Cyberbrain, they have deployed the best of the best to deal with them, Sebastian Photon. His mission is simple - Land on the planet near the cavern area, hunt through the caves, find their base, and secure the cyberbrain, afterwards heading towards the beam-up coordinates.

Be cautious, this is a very wide-open area. The caverns are vast and labyrinthine, and the activists are dangerous, and willing to kill and die for their cause. Who knows what foul, violent creatures could be leading these protesters?


Gallows Hill Mansion, USA

A bunch of wacko religious zealots have dug up the remains of a notorious serial killer. That killer worshiped dark gods, and as a result, his remains are forever cursed. The priests took his remains to the old mansion on Gallows Hill, and as a result, the graves of the freaks and murderers have upturned, rising from the soil and walking the earth.

They're attacking a nearby rural town, killing those inside and turning them into more undead flesh eaters. Dozens have died, being added to the hordes.

This looks like a job for Mary-Beth Casey!

You'll have to break in the mansion through the garage. Be careful, as you'll probably have to deal with a few waves of undead before you can get through the garage. Afterwards, you should move on. The priests and their pals have barricaded the door, so you should check the creepy undertunnels for a way into the mansion.

The mansion's halls are large and maze-like, and the undead residents will attack you on sight. They might be zombies, but watch out - Quite a lot of them could be clutching weapons they had when they were still alive...

Not only that, but the wackjob priests will gladly gun you down as well to stop you from interfering with their global saturation.

You should find the murderer's remains, probably located in the mansion cellars, and bring them out to the Gallows outside of the mansion to bury them for good and end the curse at Gallows Hill. But be careful; Those dark gods he formerly worshiped could go after you next...


Old waterfront, Paris

An important French government figure was taken by an unknown group, and is currently being held for ransom.

The government has agreed to meet the demands, and have prepared a random pickup for the old waterfront at Paris. The kidnappers have hired notorious French hitman Jacques Misere to be the middleman for the pickup.

Should be a simple job, eh? Not like the soldiers would shoot the guy before the VIP was released, right...?

Unfortunately for Jacques, soon after he left, the government sniffed out the kidnappers. They were swiftly dealt with, and the government VIP was saved. Now the French army is crawling around all over the docks, waiting to eliminate one of the top most wanted French criminals...

Jacques is walking into a hell of an ambush, and doesn't even realize it... Well, whatever. If that's how this is gonna play out, he may as well take that random pickup for himself!

This will be a dangerous operation. The army is crawling all over this old waterfront, armed to the teeth. There are snipers everywhere, and the inner warehouses hold highly trained Shock Troopers to deal with the likes of you.

The ransom should be in the large warehouse. But getting to it is easier said than done, considering the swaths of soldiers between you and the money. Once you manage to find the money, you should get out of there. Head towards the western port, where you'll have a boat waiting for you.

Just watch yourself - Even without the army crawling around, this place was never friendly at night...


Anna Spaceways, Earth

It's complete turmoil at the Anna Spaceways. One of the largest Spaceports on Earth, currently undergoing delay after delay. The passengers are getting angry and impatient, and soon there's gonna be a hell of a firefight breaking out there!

Too bad for a certain robot walking by to grab the Duty Free Goods and board the Yareel express, they're gonna be caught right in the brunt of it.

There's nothing here to say. You've beaten all of the other challenges in this game so far. So have one last big firefight to end Story mode with! This is a big, violent straight shot to the end goal, with plenty of enemies in your way. Go forth, and finish this game!