Just a silly thing for fun (And to get me a badge, ho ho ho) I'm gonna list what I consider to be the hardest TimeSplitter levels in the mainline series. Keep in mind, these are my opinions. If you disagree, that's cool. Just don't be a dickweed about it. Let's get started.

Number 5

Mansion Of Madness, TimeSplitters: Future Perfect

Starting off with a mild one by comparison. Mansion Of Madness is by no means one of the toughest levels in the series, but it can be difficult your first time playing. Especially on the higher difficulties.

One of the issues with this level is that it's long. This level goes on quite a while, and on the harder difficulties, supplies can get pretty tight. There are loads of unique enemies in this level (Worms, Wraiths, the Ghost, Beetles, and Princess), each with their own strategy to defeat them. Things aren't too bad at first, and then Deerhaunter happens.

Deerhaunter can be a serious wake-up call, showing that all zombies in this level won't be slow, lumbering idiots. He's faster than you, and he will fuck you up something fierce on Hard mode.

And then after that, you start running into Shotgun Zombies... They aren't as bad as they are in TS1, but... They still hit you for heavy damage, can spawn in the worst situations, and, again, you have to take out their heads to kill them effeciently.

And then there's the boss fight against Princess. She has huge attacks that covers wide area, her weak point is only rarely exposed, and she can be a serious nasty fight. People say she's harder in What Lies Below, but... I don't buy it.

It certainly isn't the hardest level in Future Perfect, but it can certainly be tough...

Number 4

Space Station, TimeSplitters 2

...Okay, hear me out. On Easy and Normal, this level is nothing special. At all. But on Hard mode, this level has one big issue looming over your head - An incredibly short time limit.

On Hard, you've got to know where to go for each of the objectives, and clear them as quickly as possible. Because you do NOT have time to spare. And this level loves to eat your time. Be it the TimeSplitter ship section, the elevators, and just plain getting turned around in some parts, this level eats time, and you've gotta work quick and hard to get through it.

But aside from that, the only major difficulty points are the Reaper Splitters, and some annoyingly placed turrets. But that time limit is a killer. It's really a coin toss between this level and the previous one. But I consider the time limit to be more difficult than Mansion Of Madness. Mostly because in the latter level, you can take your time.

Get used to that, time limits increasing difficulty, hahaha... And I'll also freely admit, choosing 5 and 4 was honestly harder than choosing the top 3, since I knew EXACTLY what would go in there... But anyways.

Number 3

And hey, up next is the hardest level in TimeSplitters: Future Perfect. You should know what it is.

Something To Crow About, TimeSplitters 2

And now we're getting to the really infamous levels... The levels a lot of people agree, yes, are the hardest levels in the series.

Something To Crow About has all the trademarks of a hard level. (Well, except one.)

Lots of tough enemies that can deal heavy damage? Yep!

Two bosses, one of which is That One Boss? Yep!

Long as fuck?? Yep!!

Oh boy. Let's break this level down. The R-100 Fighters are annoying ammo sinks since they can take a serious beating before going down, and fly around like complete spazzes. The Insetiks... Okay, they're the whipping boys. But later on, they get Rocket Launchers, which is great fun. The Prometheus units are really aggravating, since they have a barrier that needs the Electrotool to destroy. And as soon as you stop firing at them with it, they immediately reactivate and attack you. So you either use the weak "Thunderball" attack on them, or dodge attacks before you can pull out your half decent weapons.

And then you run into rolling robots.

Rolling robots aren't as durable as one might think. It's just when they're rolling, they deflect all attacks. And then they open up and pelt you with continuous laser blasts. Oh, and you can encounter more than one at a time! Probably the most aggravating enemy in the level.

And then there's the first boss, Goliath. He's easy, actually. The only thing that's annoying is the fact you've got two Rolling robots hounding you while you grenade the Goliath. But aside from that, he's easy.

After going through lots more Level! filled with more annoying enemies, you then come across the bridge where, if you don't have enough Electrotool ammo, you're sort of fucked. Oh, and swarms of R-100 fighters!

Once you cross the bridge, you come upon the palace, where you dispatch some Prison Officers before meeting...

The Creature.

AKA That One Boss.

Oh boy... This guy has all the hallmarks of an annoying boss. Bad hit detection that makes shooting his not-obvious weak points a chore? Check!

Terribly damaging attacks that can kill you quickly, especially on hard? Check!

At the tail end of a really long, annoying level?? Yep!!

The Creature is That One Boss for very good reason. He's probably one of the hardest bosses in the franchise. If you run out of Minigun and Autorifle ammo, you may as well reset, since those two weapons are the only really effective weapons against him. Ugh...

But hey! Once you beat this level, it's basically smooth sailing from here on out in Future Perfect...

Number 2

Alright, I've gotta level something with you. I haven't played the first TimeSplitters as much as I've played the other games. So this one is kind of sketchy for me... The last time I played TS1 was waaay back when I was younger. But this level certainly stuck out to me.

Yes, it's the fan favorite...

Mansion, TimeSplitters 1.

Oh boy, where do I start with this level...?

This level is Mansion Of Madness on crack. Especially on the harder difficulties. You're dealing with zombies that can ONLY die by losing their head, zombies armed with shotguns that take off about half of your life with one blast, deer turrets, and a horribly long level.

Yet... It's hard for me to talk about this level, since... I haven't played it in forever. That's also the reason I'm keeping it on number 2 and not 1. I need to play it more nowadays to really get a feel for the problems of this level. Sorry.

Number 1

No, it isn't Robot Factory. Shut up.

Atom Smasher, TimeSplitters 2.

"Whuuuuah? It isn't Robot Factory??"

No, it isn't. Because I don't consider Robot Factory hard. At all.

Robot Factory is long as fuck, yes, but... It gives you everything you need to beat the level. Taking it slowly makes it a lot easier. But I won't rant about that.

Instead, I'll rant about how horribly difficult this level is.

Oh God, where do I start with this level?? You've got a depressingly short time limit on the harder difficulties... On top of a horribly difficult level filled with henchmen, snipers, and badly placed turrets.

You've got four pieces of armor, two of which are hidden in annoying spots that you have to waste precious time to get.

The snipers can take off most of your health with one attack on Hard mode, the turrets are placed in absolutely WONDERFUL positions (Including one position on top of an elevator that you won't see until they see you and fill you with bullets, requiring precognition to destroy), and... You can't take it slowly, because of the fucking time limit!!

Oh, and it ends with a boss that's basically Jaws from Goldeneye. Yep! And the checkpoint is placed in the middle of the level. So if you die to the boss, or the bit after it (Hi, Scourge and Reaper Splitter combo!), SCREW YOU! Redo a large part of the level!!

I hate this level. I really do. It might not be as long as Robot Factory, but length doesn't always determine difficulty. Bullshit design can easily factor into it far more. This level is my personal hardest level in the series. And it'll always stay that way unless they introduce a level where you've got thirty seconds to kill five hundred Hans clones with your bare fists while they beat you to death with dildo bats.

DMS out.