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    TS1 Briefings

    July 23, 2017 by DMSwordsmaster

    Just for fun, I'm gonna be writing down TS2-style "briefings" for TS1's levels down below.

    Great Pyramid, Egypt

    An ancient Ankh was stolen from a shrine by a group of strange Cultists. The cultists took the ankh and fled to a nearby pyramid, which seems to be their base of operations. For months there have been reports of attacks in the area, civilians being captured for some unknown rituals...

    Not only that, but other villagers in the area report strange occurrences. Living corpses animated by black magic, mummies risen from their eternal slumbers, and even gods from another time...

    The Egyptian Government has decided to put an end to the cult's activities. They have enlisted the aid of professional treasure hunter Captain Ash to sneak into t…

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  • DMSwordsmaster

    So, before we get into this, I just need to say that I haven't 100%ed the game yet. I'm currently tackling the story missions, I've only briefly touched the challenges, and so forth. In case you wanna know, I've done all the levels on easy and Normal, done one level on hard, and done section 1 of the challenges. Frankly, I think that's enough to warrant a review of the game because... Frankly, TS1 doesn't have much to it, so yeah.

    So TimeSplitters 1. This... Sort of oddball in the community hasn't really been talked about at length. Yeah, we got articles describing it, but thanks to a lot of users having not actually played TS1, we haven't had much discussion.

    I'm here to basically give my thoughts on the game, how it stacks up to TS2 and TSFP…

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  • DMSwordsmaster

    Just a silly thing for fun (And to get me a badge, ho ho ho) I'm gonna list what I consider to be the hardest TimeSplitter levels in the mainline series. Keep in mind, these are my opinions. If you disagree, that's cool. Just don't be a dickweed about it. Let's get started.

    Mansion Of Madness, TimeSplitters: Future Perfect

    Starting off with a mild one by comparison. Mansion Of Madness is by no means one of the toughest levels in the series, but it can be difficult your first time playing. Especially on the higher difficulties.

    One of the issues with this level is that it's long. This level goes on quite a while, and on the harder difficulties, supplies can get pretty tight. There are loads of unique enemies in this level (Worms, Wraiths, the Gho…

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