I just don't understand. Why didn't my blog post go through? Nevermind. First let's start with the Chasm rant. It's a good map but it has a lot of problems. The path finding for it is horrendous. The bots jump off the ledge a lot. (Trooper Black R.I.P) Secondly. Why doesn't the map have CTB? Look at the layout. It's perfect for CTB. And the amount of glitches. I mean, really? Did they not play test it enough? Now to the robot rant. They are, to put it it straight, over powered. They can take a lot of damage and can't be set on fire. Plus they're hard to head shot. Now to the final rant. I was playing TSFP virus in disco. Me and Viola were the last survivors. You know that ramp two levels above the bar? Well me and Viola went there. There was a large group of infected running by and she pushed me off and I got infected. Rant end.

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