Crypt zombie

Zombies were usually expressionless and dull.

The Undead, usually referred to as Zombies, are humans/humanoids or other organisms that have been raised by necromancy, a curse, or scientific experiments, usually involving TimeSplitter relation, that reanimates the bodies. Undead is usually a blanket term to cover all the reanimated dead, whereas Zombies usually specify the characters that act differently and have removable heads, unlike Undead Priest.

They usually shamble slowly towards their targets, but some can be seen running in an odd, ragdoll-like way. They sometimes have the ability to remain even when decapitated. The zombies in TimeSplitters Future Perfect were accidentally created by Jacob Crow's scientists and The Brotherhood of Ultra Science in his attempt to become immortal. Certain Zombies, such as the Shock Zombie (a living conduit of electricity, possessing the power to shoot electricity) in particular were early "prototypes" for the TimeSplitter army he would later go on to create, which fire electricity as well.


Below the undead characters are listed alphabetically and organized by game.


TimeSplitters 2Edit


Feeder Zombie, shown above, is one of the many zombies that has eyes.

TimeSplitters Future PerfectEdit



Concept ArtEdit


  • In Arcade matches, the zombies' ability to have their heads blown off is purely cosmetic; Arcade players rely solely on health, not special attributes. Therefore, if a zombie's head is blown off, gameplay is not affected, and they will take damage as if their head were still attached.
  • In the series, few undead characters are depicted as the stereotypical zombie, to which they only prefer brains other than any other parts.