Trouble at the Docks
Trouble At the Docks
Game TimeSplitters 2
Section Infiltration
Location Chicago
Character Lady Jane

Pirate hat
Medal Requirements

1000 in 00:25.0
1000 in 00:13.3

This is probably the simplest of the 3 infiltration challenges, it's very similar to the start of the Chicago story level, you play as Lady Jane but start from Jake Fenton's story start point.

Briefing Edit

It's 3am and a new shipment has just arrived by barge, so there are goons crawling all over the docks! If you want to get through the Falucci Bros. warehouse alive, particular care will be needed.

Strategy Edit

Move out on to the balcony & turn left to look down at the barge & surrounding area, to the left you will see an enemy walking away from you, drop down & run up behind him, Aim Mode to kill him with a head shot. Turn to the left, go between the containers & get off the barge across the gangplank, you should be behind the man on the dock-side so ignore him as he won't see you, go up the steps ahead of you & turn left, the timing should be such that you'll see the next enemy walking away or across ahead of you, so ignore him also, there are stairs to your left, go up them, turn right, go along, turn left & you see the next enemy but he's not looking your way, so use an Aim Mode head shot. Go down the stairs to your right, at the bottom turn right & head for the exit, there is an enemy here but the timing should be such that he's either walking away, if so use an Aim Mode head shot, or if he's outside the exit looking the other way then you can ignore him. Either way head out of the exit, a gold is simple & a few attempts should give a platinum. Note, the timing of this strategy is based on a good brisk pace, if the pace is too slow the timings will not work, also if you play very quickly you will be too fast for the timings, if necessary you'll have to work that out yourself.

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