Grenade GlitchEdit

Training Ground Grenade Glitch
Requirements TimeSplitters 2
-Training Ground
-Grenade Launcher
Finder Extremofire

As terrifying as this glitch sounds, it isn't lag-intensive. Proceed.

Near Base 1 (Red Bag base), enter the canyon. Right near the entrance below the large arch, look to your left. There should be a rock that bulges out of the wall. Walk a little further into the canyon (about ten feet) and find the end of the rock. If you passed the second rock on the canyon floor, you're too far. The rock should end abruptly, creating a very sharp depression in the rock face.

Shooting a grenade from the grenade launcher directly into this sharp hole should produce an infinite number of grenades that slowly inch down the wall, creating more grenades as it goes. After about two seconds, all the grenades explode.

How is it made?!Edit

The grenade launcher shoots out a "root" grenade. Once this root grenade bounces, it creates two more grenades. If you fire this root grenade into the corner, the grenade bounces very quickly in the wall's corners, which creates many more grenades.

Rock GlitchEdit

Rock Glitch
Requirements -TimeSplitters 2
-TimeSplitters Future Perfect
-Training Ground
Finder TSbuster

In TimeSplitters 2 and TimeSplitters Future Perfect, there is another way to get out of Training Ground.

Go to Base 2 (Blue bag Base) of the map. You will see a huge, flat looking rock hanging above a small bunker. Walk towards the rock and walk over it. Go to the left side of the rock and walk slowly off the edge.


TimeSplitters 2 - Training Ground glitch04:07

TimeSplitters 2 - Training Ground glitch

Waterfall GlitchEdit

Waterfall Glitch
Requirements - Shrink
- Training Ground
- Small Character
Finder Drifting

In TimeSplitters 2 and TimeSplitters Future Perfect, there is a way to go behind the waterfall in the Training Ground map. To do it, first select Shrink from the Arcade Custom game mode menu. When prompted to choose your character, choose a small one, like Monkey or Robofish. When the match begins, let yourself be killed a few times so your rank goes down and you shrink. When you're near last place, go down to the waterfall.

You should be able to walk right through the back of it into a glitched area with only sky! If you can't go through, get killed a couple more times to lower your rank. When you are in this glitched sky area, you can go out into the sky forever. However in TimeSplitters Future Perfect you can only take a couple of steps before falling. Also, characters on the other side of the waterfall will attempt to shoot you but not be able to. You can back out just a little bit to kill anyone, but if you go out too far, you'll have to turn around and go back in.

Bunker Ledge GlitchEdit

First, you want to go to the bunker that is by base 2 and below the giant overhanging rock. This bunker has a small ledge that you can walk onto if you are careful enough. This glitch is only useful for virus and flame tag and can be used on both Timesplitters 2, and Timesplitters: Future Perfect.

Unreachable glitch Edit

In Timesplitters: Future Perfect, there is a giant rock next to an arch, this rock overhangs a bunker. When you're playing virus, if you walk slowly up the left side of that rock about 3/4 of the way up and stop, the people with the virus will run up a ramp and run off a ledge trying to get you, if you look down and to the right they will start to run in frantic circles below you. For some reason, if you look straight forward you will catch the virus.

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