Tommy Gun
Tommy Gun x2
Ammo 32/168
Fire Rate
bullets per sec/cartridge time
TS1 : 8.5 Bullets per second
TS2 : 8 Bullets per second
Reload Time 1 sec
Damage (per Single Shot)
TS1 : 100%/19%/8%
TS2 : 12.5%/9.5%/5%
Type High Fire Rate
Native Timezone 1932 - 1935
Zoom None
Primary Fire Fires Bullets on full auto
Secondary Fire Fires Bullets on semi auto (TS1)
No effect (TS2)
Games TimeSplitters, TimeSplitters 2
The de-rigueur gangsters' sidekick, the M1928 Thompson Submachine gun, more commonly as the Tommy Gun (or Chicago Typewriter) is a contemporary submachine gun, harking from 1920s America. It has appeared in TimeSplitters and TimeSplitters 2. In TimeSplitters 2's story mode, it features in the Chicago level. 

It has a sizable drum magazine and excels at putting large volumes of metal in the air, eliminating groups of enemies with ease, and causing much general carnage. While not boasting the fastest rate of fire in the games in which it appears, it compensates with decent accuracy and good stopping power. Wielding two Tommy Guns akimbo also more than makes up for whatever the weapon may be lacking when used on its own.

In TimeSplitters, this weapon shares 9mm ammunition with the small machine-guns and pistols in the game, therefore being able to hold up to 500 rounds in stock.

The main fire mode of this weapon is continuous fire, which creates a continuous and accurate stream of 9mm traced rounds, allowing the player to easily adjust for accuracy. The alternate fire allows for single shot 9mm rounds, more useful in areas where accuracy is necessary, and also where single shooting is necessary, but the pistols' clips don't quite make the quota, as this weapon can hold up to 32 9mm rounds at a time.

In TimeSplitters 2 this weapon uses standard assault ammunition, with a maximum of 200 rounds available, each drum comprising 32.

When "if best" is switched on, the Tommy Gun ranks as the 15th worst weapon on TS1, however its dual-wield variant is the 15th best, on the same level as the M16.

Tommy Gun TS1

The Tommy Gun in TS1

Tommy Gun TS2

The Tommy Gun in TS2