Tomb Wall Glitch
Requirements None
Finder 493Titanollante

In Tomb (Story), there's a glitch that if you run towards the wall and you're about to fall from the ledge in the room before where the Ankh is in Normal Mode, you will run through the wall and land right next to the shield (Hard).

In the identical room overlooked by two Cultists (Normal) or guarded by four Priestesses (Hard) earlier in the Tomb, this glitch can also be performed; allowing the player to take down the Priestesses much easier than the standard route. However, the Cultists on Normal will spot the player before they can attempt this glitch, at which point there would be no incentive to do so.


  • With this glitch, you can avoid all the Cultists in the room without them shooting you, and if you are fast enough, grab the shield and leave untouched.

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