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Tomb is the 'first' mission in the original TimeSplitters, and thus the 'first' mission of the series. Set assumingly in Egypt, the player takes the role of Captain Ash or his assistant Lady Jayne in their search for the Ankh deep within. The tomb is protected by hostile Cultists and various undead.

Briefing Edit

Find the Cultist's ankh and return it to the shrine.

Arsenal Edit

Characters Encountered Edit



Strategy Edit


Timesplitters 1 showcase Tomb (Story on Normal)07:22

Timesplitters 1 showcase Tomb (Story on Normal)

Pick up the Mauser Pistol and run straight ahead and left around the little building. Kill the Cultist and run straight down into the Tomb. Switch to your Blunderbuss and shoot the boxes. Turn left, turn right, turn right, kill Cultist, turn left, go up, ignore Cultist, turn left, turn right, shoot box in middle, ignore first left, turn on second left, jump down middle, turn right, go into room with ankh. Turn out, shift right, kill spawning TimeSplitter, go up, shoot Cultist, shoot TimeSplitter, turn left, shoot Cultist, shoot zombie, go up, turn right, shoot zombie, turn right, turn left, turn right, kill TimeSplitter, go down, shoot TimeSplitter, turn right, turn left (get health if needed), turn left, turn right, go up, kill TimeSplitter, kill enemies in distance, turn right, go into building, and step on red circle.





  • The outside of the Tomb is based on the real life temple of Ramses II.
  • The tomb itself contains many pieces of actual ancient Egyptian art. However, some of it contradicts, as Akhenaten, the Pharaoh who abolished the traditional gods, is shown repeatedly next to murals of the well-known gods like Anubis, Ra and Osiris. Also, in Hard mode and arcade mode, there are several coffins textured with real photos of King Tut's coffins.

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