Tin Man Trial
Game TimeSplitters
Section 3
Mode Bag Tag
Map Streets
Character Robofish
Bots Gretel x5
R108 x4
Rewards Robofish bot
1 minute
04:58.5 (Le Faucheur, Silent Thunder, Sniper WD, CriticalDensity, Ace and MepH)

Tin Man Trial is Challenge 3-A in the original TimeSplitters. You play as Robofish playing BagTag on Streets. It comes after Crispy Duck and before Lobster Run.


If I only had a brain... Trouble is, every other tin man out there on the streets is thinking exactly the same. Can you grab the brain in a box and keep hold of it for 1 minute?


This one isn't that hard. All you have to do is to hold the brain for at least one minute within a 5 minute time limit. This match allows bag carrier to shoot so you can try to defend yourself, but against a big group would not be such a good idea. Be aware of anyone carrying Rocket Launcher's who can easily put you down in a second.

There is also a glitch you can do if you still have trouble or if you just want a high amount of time you held the bag. Near the brain spawn, there's a building with blue walls and a Raygun under a staircase. Go up the stairs with the brain, and stay on the left side near the edge of the staircase (you would likely crouch at that spot). The bots will try and shoot you from under there, and ignores the floor you are standing on blocking the shots. They won't go up the stairs. The only thing that can kill you while you are up there is if any of the bots with a Rocket Launcher happens to shoot through the corner, and damages you by it's blast radius. A video of this glitch and tied world record can be seen here [1]

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