The TimeSplitters series Story mode spans 548 years from 1853 to 2401, and features 32 unique levels, set in 25 different locations across the world and outer space. TimeSplitters 2 has the largest time-span, reaching to both ends of the timeline, while TimeSplitters Future Perfect spans 477 years from 1924 to 2401.

The original TimeSplitters was engineered to span exactly 100 years from 1935 to 2035, with systematic gaps between each level. It should be noted that some of the futuristic levels in the game propose unrealistic technologies and inconsistencies with the later games; this does not necessarily mean they should be considered as non-canon, or that different dates should be used (suggested dates are mentioned below). The premise of the TimeSplitters series is the altering of human history via Time Travel, so that the futuristic levels (or all levels) of the original TimeSplitters may be depicting events within an altered timeline, which is later corrected.

1853, Little Prospect, Wild WestEdit

Wild West

Little Prospect, 1853

In the small Texan town of Little Prospect, former Confederate soldier, The Colonel begins to take control of the town through fear and oppression. In order to retain this reign, he has local law lady, Ramona Sosa arrested and held in the local jail. Meanwhile, the Colonel set up a small mining operation, where he discovered one of the nine Time Crystals. Soon Elijah Jones, a bounty hunter who fights against corruption, arrived in the town. After freeing Ramona and saving Venus Starr from a blazing barn, Elijah defeats the Colonel, before taking the Time Crystal and then disappearing without a trace.

1895, Notre Dame Cathedral, ParisEdit


Notre Dame Cathedral, 1895

Within the halls of Notre Dame Cathedral, a crazed psychopath named Jacque de la Morte made contact with the TimeSplitters. Believing them to be angels, he then used their 'magic' to raise dead monks from the sewers and crypts, as part of a devilish scheme to steal Maidens from the city and offer them as sacrifices to the 'angels'. Viola, a travelling troubadour, and Mr. Underwood, an English gentleman, set out to defeat Jacque and took him down, along with the demons he created.

1920, Aztec Ruins, GuatemalaEdit


Aztec Ruins, 1920

Deep in the Guatemalan Aztec jungle, British explorer, Captain Ash discovers the Lost Temple of T'hochek and the mysterious Jade Crystal held within. Unfortunately, ancient Stone Golems overpower Ash and return it to its sacred place. After meeting with The Jungle Queen, the Captain returns to T'hochek to defeat the Golems and take the priceless crystal again, yet all trace of the artifact was lost before Ash's return to Great Britain.

1924, Scotland The Brave, UrnsayEdit


Urnsay, 1924

Following the occupation of the Scottish island of Urnsay by Khallos' soldiers, the Royal Navy was deployed to the island to remove any foreign troops. However, the soldiers had taken The Jungle Queen as a hostage, leading Captain Ash to stage a one-man assault on the island and its castle. While rowing to shore, Ash discovers Cortez floating in the water nearby, after travelling from 2401, and offers to help him infiltrate the castle. After locating The Jungle Queen, Captain Ash left Cortez to seek out a mysterious Time Traveler, who promptly disappears after they first meet face to face. On a nearby table, Cortez finds a photograph of the Time Traveler and Khallos, taken at Stanislav Train Depot in 1969.

1924, You Take The High Road, KroniaEdit


Kronia, 1924

Returning from the UltraNet Complex in 2243, Cortez arrives with R-110 under Urnsay just in time to see his former self disappear to 1969. Shortly afterwards, a submarine emerges from the water, which the pair then hijack and use to reach the underwater city of Kronia, home of the Time Crystal mine. However, Cortez learns of a plan by Time Assassins to assassinate his former self in 2401, leading him to disguise himself as one of them and use their Time Portal to stop them.

1924, Future Perfect, KroniaEdit

After returning from 2401, Cortez rejoins R-110 and runs deeper into the Time Crystal mining site. On discovering the Crystals, Crow arrives from 2243 to stop him destroying them. Soon, Cortez is overpowered by Crow and R-110 is destroyed, forcing Cortez to risk a temporal paradox, by going back in time to the start of the fight to help his former self. With the combined force of 'two Cortezes', Crow is eventually defeated. By creating excess pressure in the room's pipe system, the Cortezes create an explosion, destroying the Time Crystals in the process.

1932, Downtown, ChicagoEdit


Chicago, 1932

Big Tony, a high-ranking member of Chicago's mafia, takes particular interest in a shipment of 'priceless gemstones', which he has delivered to his Nightclub, as a break from his usual criminal operations. This attracts the attention of detectives Jake Fenton and Lady Jane, while Tony, enraged with this news, sets his entire operation to full alert and orders his brother to leave the area. However, Fenton and Jane see the Brother's fleeing car and promptly take it down, causing it to crash into a fire hydrant. With the help of Marco the Snitch, the detectives then gain access to the Sunrise Club. Inside, they duel with Big Tony and his goons, before taking the gemstones from his body.

1935, Tomb, EgyptEdit


Tomb, 1935

Within the Tomb of Pharaoh Rameses II, a group of Cultists began to perform rituals using a sacred Ankh, raising the Pharaoh and his servants from the dead alongside beautiful Priestesses. Meanwhile Captain Ash and Lady Jayne began their own search for the priceless Ankh, descending into the ancient Tomb. After battling the Cultists and their mummies, the explorers secured the Ankh and returned to the surface.

1950, Village, UKEdit


Village, 1950

In a small Village, some of the locals had been reporting UFO sightings, but many believed these to be fiction and thought nothing of them. That was until a mysterious artifact was discovered, turning the population into Mutants and raising the dead from their graves. Scientists Dr. Katje Nadir  and Dr. Seth Graven were intrigued to find out more. At night, they staged a raid on the village to find the artifact and bring it back for analysis, but found heavy resistance from deranged victims of the artifact's curse as they did so.

1965, Mansion, Gallows HillEdit


Gallows Hill, 1965

Before 1965, the history of the Mansion on Gallows Hill is unknown, but it can be assumed that it was used as a place of execution for dangerous criminals. For unknown reasons, the cursed remains of a murderer that was hanged at the mansion were unearthed, bringing the dead to life. Mary-Beth Casey and Peekaboo Jones soon found themselves within the haunted hallways, dared with the task of finding the murderer's remains, returning them to their resting place and escaping. Although the cursed building threw every Zombie it could at them, they retrieved the bones and got out alive.

1969, The Russian Connection, Stanislav Train DepotEdit

Russian connection

Stanislav Train Depot, 1969

After finding evidence of the mysterious Time Traveller, Cortez joins swagging 60's top cop Harry Tipper in investigating the reports of activity in a disused Train Depot in Russia.

The two see the time traveller and, Harry Tipper's top wanted criminal, Khallos together. The two intitiate a stealth operation in order to gain entry into the mountain. Tipper informs Cortez that Khallos had stolen a french nuclear missile to deliberatly start World War 3 on his bid for world domination.

By evading patrolling henchmen and grabbing some new disguises. The two make their way into Khallos' secret base. They then make their way into the generator room and turned it to gain deeper access to the base whereas it meant blowing their cover. Navigating an underground maze of tunnels, Cortez and Tipper split as the latter attends to a hostage situation. Whilst Cortez blows his way through a locked door.

However, Cortez sees some of Khallos' men being teleported into a different place of time, the person overseeing the transfer was the Time Traveller and he sees Cortez and before Cortez can do anything to stop him, the traveller escapes and left two henchmen to deal with Cortez whom he guns down.

With the trail gone cold again, Cortez was left with only one thing to do. He is reminded that Khallos' plan for world domination cannot be left unturned and Harry will probably need some backup.

Therefore, Cortez runs down the facility and into the station but was too late to board so he makes use of a see-saw cart and tails the departing missile train.

1969, The Khallos Express, Stanislav Train DepotEdit

Now onboard the missile train, Cortez makes his way through with Harry and finally confronts and defeats Khallos. After narrowly saving Tipper's sidekick Kitten Celeste, Cortez finds out where the headquarters of the Brotherhood of Ultra Science are: inside a mansion in Connecticut that burnt to the ground in 1994. With the help of Anya, Cortez time travels to that destination.

1970, Chinese, USAEdit


Chinese Restaurant, 1970

Gang leader Mr. Big has taken over the chinese restaurant and he is using it as a hideout for him and his gang. Police agents Harry Tipper and Lt. Christine Malone investigate the restaurant to eliminate the gang and take their secret files which they have been hiding it in the basement. Harry Tipper and Lt. Christine Malone retrieved the files and escaped the restaurant safely. 

1972, Atom Smasher, Khallos IslandEdit


Khallos Island, 1972

After being kidnapped by Khallos, Harry Tipper finds himself in yet another dangerous situation. After defusing the bombs set to blow up the island and defeating Khallos's henchman, Harry Tipper kills Khallos, activates the reactors, collects the time crystal, and escapes.

1985, Chemical Plant, USAEdit


Chemical Plant, 1985

A briefcase full of jewelry is being guarded by a SWAT team and a gang. Two criminals, Fingers McKenzie and Ravelle Velvet , make their way through the chemical plant and successfully steal the briefcase, but not without being attacked by the Timesplitters.

1990, Oblask Dam, SiberiaEdit


Oblask Dam, 1990

Ilsa Nadir and Gregor Lenko, a crack military team, infiltrate the Oblask Dam in an attempt to find out the secret military project being worked on there. They find that the scientists at this dam have been doing genetic experiments on soldiers and a TimeSplitter that was unearthed during a mining expedition. Fortunately, the partners manage to wipe out all the zombies and mutants kept in captivity, neutralize the Special Forces team assigned to kill them, destroy the chamber the TimeSplitters was being kept in, and burn all records of research kept so that these experiments could not be done again. After completing their primary objectives, Gregor and Ilsa escape the dam, along with a Time Crystal they managed to pick up.

1994, Mansion Of Madness, ConnecticutEdit

After teleporting to the courtyard of the mansion where the Brotherhood of Ultra Science was located, Cortez happens upon Jo-Beth Casey, a teenage girl sent on a dare to take pictures of the apparitions rumoured to be inside the mansion. The two team up, and upon entering the mansion, find that most of the members of the brotherhood were killed by their experiments. Survivors throughout the mansion tell the pair that the headquarters of their organization is located underneath the mansion. After battling zombies, spirits, and other abominations, the duo find a ladder leading underground. Determined to find the leader of the Brotherhood of Ultra Science, Cortez eagerly enters the dangerous depths below, with Jo-Beth following.

Connecticut, 1994

1994, What Lies Below, ConnecticutEdit

Cortez and Jo-Beth descend to the catacombs below the mansion. There's still no sign of the Time Traveler but the horrors and craziness around them are clearly the result of the twisted research of the Brotherhood of Ultra Science. Who is behind this madness?

2000, Docks, FranceEdit


Docks, 2000

Make the ransom pickup and proceed to the waterside rendezvous point

2005 (possibly 2050), Cyberden, CaliforniaEdit


Cyberden, 2005

Get the cyborg's plans and return to the ventilation ducts

2019, Tek Quarter, NeoTokyoEdit


NeoTokyo, 2019

Sadako's hacker gang have stolen a prototype Cyber Rig from the government research labs. Rumour is that the rig incorporates some kind of alien biomatter and is powered by crystal lattice energy.

Faked computer records, which the hackers planted at the labs, framed Ghost for the break-in and now police are crawling over the Tek quarter looking for him.

The only way for Ghost to clear his name is to tail one of the hackers to their secret research area and gather evidence of their activities.

2020 (possibly 2200), Planet X, Gamma SectorEdit

Planet X - TS1 - Arcade Map

Planet X, 2020

Recover the hostage cyberbrain and proceed to beam up coordinates

2035 (possibly 2350), Spaceways, EarthEdit


Spaceways, 2035

Grab your duty free goods and board the Yareel Express!

2052, Breaking And Entering, U-Genix BuildingEdit

BaE Cortez-Chen

U-Genix Building, 2052

At last the Time Traveler has a name - Jacob Crow, a crazed genius carrying on his perverted research across two centuries. Firstly as the father of the Brotherhood of Ultra Science and then a hundred years later as the founder of U-Genix. Crow might think he's safe but Cortez is hot on his tail. In 2052 the U-Genix Corporation is under investigation for illegal research - sounds like a good time to sneak in and find out what's going on.

2052, You Genius, U-Genix, U-Genix BuildingEdit

Deep in the heart of the U-Genix building, Cortez and Amy Chen find themselves at the heart of Jacob Crow's secret research lab - but where is Crow and what exactly is he researching?

2243, Machine Wars, UltraNet ComplexEdit

TMW Cortez--R110

UltraNet Complex, 2243

Thrown into the midst of the Machine Wars, Cortez cunningly enlists the help of an R-110 combat droid. Now he must explore the war-torn ruins around the UltraNetcomplex. There must be an entrance to Crow's lab nearby...

2243, Something To Crow About, UltraNet ComplexEdit

Far beneath the war-torn city, Crow's UltraNet base houses his war machines, battle tanks, robots and who knows what else? What exactly has he been researching for 200 years? - Genetic modification? - Time travel? - Immortality? - Perhaps even all three!

2280, Return To Planet X, Gamma SectorEdit


Planet X, 2280

There's been a lot of UFO activity in the Gamma sector - the Academy has traced their telemetry to Planet X.

The Ozor and Meezor Mox have been battling to gain control of the planet for some time now and we suspect that factions are constructing ships and launching them from a subterranean base.

Wing Commander Hank Nova's patrol has engaged the alien ships just inside the planet's atmosphere.

Perhaps it's time to take a trip down to the surface and see what you can find out.

This will be a tricky mission, but the fighting between the Mox can be used to your advantage. Remember the Ozor and Meezor hate each other more than they hate you!

Don't be afraid to fight for one side or the other as long as it helps you get closer to the base!

2315, Robot Factory, Machinist FoundriesEdit


Robot Factory, 2315

After the Machine Wars the mighty foundries and production lines finally fell silent...except for one!

UltraNet sources have revealed that the Dark Machinist Child has activated a power node network and seeks to build a robot army to exact his revenge.

Neutralize his factory before he can reawaken a dreadful conflict.

Once you have accessed the inner processing area, you should proceed immediately with destroying the individual energy nodes. These nodes are extremely robust, and cannot be damaged using conventional firearms.

However, the factory may still contain a small number of ElectroTools - portable generators that were used in the construction of the factory itself - which may be capable of overloading the nodes using a sustained beam of electricity.

Once the nodes have been disabled and the production lines finally silenced, your last objective should be to find the Dark Machinist Child and ensure he is stopped for good.

2401, Space Station, Alpha SectorEdit


Space Station, 2401


2401, Time To Split, Spacetime Marine HQEdit

FP Anya--Cortez--General

Spacetime Marine HQ, 2401

Sergeant Cortez returns from a daring assault on a TimeSplitter-infested space station. With him he carries Time Crystals stolen from the TimeSplitters which could bring the war to an end. On his final approach a laser hit causes his ship to malfunction and Cortez is forced to crash land. It is essential that he brings the crystals back to Spacetime Marine HQ.

2401, The Hooded Man, Spacetime Marine HQIt looks like Cortez isn't the only one trying to use time travel to stop things before they happen! Crow has sent a crack team of Time Assassins from 1924 Kronia to 2401 where their mission is to kill Cortez before he can deliver the time crystals to Anya at Spacetime Marine HQ. Cortez must protect his past self from the Time Assassins!

Recap Edit


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