Timed unlocks are secrets in TimeSplitters 1 that are unlocked by beating story mode levels quickly. The times to beat on each level are listed below with the associated rewards in parenthesis.





  • You must beat the time; tying it will not work.
  • Unlike with the unlocks for just finishing levels, these unlocks do not stack (i.e. if you finish under the required time for a level on hard but haven't yet done it on easy/normal, you will not unlock the timed secrets for easy or normal).
  • Each difficulty has 3 levels that unlock cheats and 6 levels that unlock characters.
    • Each individual level unlocks a cheat on one difficulty and a character on the other two.
  • The only difficulty which requires true speedruns is easy. A few levels on normal must be played fairly briskly, but need not be done as fast as possible. All levels on hard can be done quite slowly.
  • The times are not listed anywhere in the game; they were discovered via extensive testing by BDoleSH.

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