TimeSplitters Music Box was a TimeSplitters fansite that had become well-known throughout the TimeSplitters community for offering mp3s of the TimeSplitters soundtrack for download. The Music Box remained popular even after Free Radical Design began to offer higher-quality mp3s for free on their own site. The site's forums boasted 417 members from around the world, 4657 threads, and 224971 posts as of April 23rd, 2008. The site' forum now boasts 4256 members, 5823 threads and 286822 posts as of April 23rd, 2009. The recent spike of users is correctly attributed to the sites growing popularity with spam bots despite the inability for them to create any new topics. Spam bots now make up an important part of the community with fond remembrance of Levitra Online.


The site was founded by Zaliek when his free webspace accounts could no longer support the amount of downloads the site was seeing. The site briefly had a home at before moving to on Zaliek's private server. When TimeSplitters Future Perfect was released, the site was moved to its present home at

As of April 19, 2013, the TSMB has been retired and taken off the Web due to stagnating activity and the costs of maintaining the site. The members are still in contact and have avowed to revive the site if the upcoming TimeSplitters Rewind generates a large degree of new interest in the series. Those looking for mp3s of TimeSplitters music can download high-quality versions from Graeme Norgate's Bandcamp page for a nominal fee.


The TimeSplitters Music Box became the catalyst for projects of many of the users.

  • DeviantART is a focus for some members.
  • The band "Welsh and Associates" was formed here.
  • The "Spoon Dudes" were created, and even had their own website.
  • Many members are regular movie makers on the website YouTube.


The Music Box has become infamous for its unbelievably high post counts with only around 10 active members. This is the result of several non TimeSplitters orientated threads under different boards in the forum, and a decent number of semi-active members and long time members who have left the forum for various reasons, such as forum drama or a prioritizing of real life.

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