TimeSplitters Gold
Released 25th March 2008 (V1.1)
Platforms Windows PC
Publisher N/A (Self-Published)
File Front (Host)
Characters/Maps 67/4
Modes Deathmatch
Max Players 1

TimeSplitters: Gold is an unofficial fan-made game based on the TimeSplitters series. It was first released on June 18th 2006 for Windows PC using the Game Maker software. The game is being developed by TeamSplitters, lead by Llamaliker and is a top-down shooter, as opposed to a First Person Shooter. TimeSplitters Gold incorporates characters and maps from all three TimeSplitters games.

The game runs from a .exe file made with Game Maker. In order to keep the game file size as small as possible, the developers use MIDI music renditions in lieu of the actual .mp3 files.

So far, the game features 67 different characters, all of which are unlocked by default, as well as four maps which are also unlocked by default. Unfortunately, the latest version has only one gun as opposed to Version.3 which had two.

At the moment, TeamSplitters is planning to concentrate on adding more weapons from TimeSplitters as well as adding maps, characters and modes. However, there are currently no plans for a story mode.

As of September 2007, Llamaliker of Ziper Co. has joined TeamSplitters as head of the TimeSplitters Gold project. At this point, the TimeSplitters Gold releases restarted at V1 again.

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