Tilesets Edit

The Future Perfect Mapmaker contains five different tilesets. These are Laboratory, a sterile futuristic lab, Egyptian, an ancient tomb/temple with many wall paintings, Horror, a decaying haunted mansion complete with crypts and torture rooms, Military, a stronghold stocked with tons of supplies, and Virtual, a plain, blue computer simulation.

Tiles Edit

There are more than 30 different tiles to place and more than 4 types of tiles. On the TSFP Mapmaker the special tiles debut: the death room and slide.

Items Edit

In TSFP there are various types of items, including:

  • Start All
  • Team Start
  • Assault Start
  • Decorations
  • Cars
  • Radio Controls
  • Movable Items
  • Panels
  • Zones
  • Bag and Bases

And more types.

Tile LightsEdit

New options were added to tile lighting. Tiles can switch or pulse between two different colors (not just between black and another color), and in story mode, logic can be used to trigger lighting changes.

Story AIEdit

Story Al are the enemies in the custom story mode. You can configure enemies as to their starting behavior, inventory, and many other options.


Logic is all settings of objectives, time, counter, score, messages, awards, etc. of story mode. All configurations are used to create one mission, then you place it in Logic.

Console Differences Edit

The Mapmaker performs somewhat differently between the three consoles. Also, some significant gameplay differences exist.

TimeSplitters Future Perfect Mapmaker Console Differences
Point of Difference PlayStation 2 Xbox GameCube
Relative Length of Map Name (widescreen setup enabled where applicable) abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz12345 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz1 abcdefghijklmno
Mapmaker online multiplayer capability Yes Yes No
Number of selectable TS1/TS2 Music tracks 17 17 3
Autoguns will target bots No Yes No
Story mode's Mag-Charger Fully functional Piercing mode is blinded Piercing mode is blinded
Glitched one-way walk-through wall Opaque Transparent Transparent
Maximum number of Bots in Mapmaker 7 10 7
Assault mode's compass Always on Always on Conditionally available
Tile Lighting is shown in editor's 3D view Yes Yes No; everything is white
Tile Lighting is stable amid variety Yes Yes No; flickering prevalent
Tile Lighting affects all items placed No No (though more than PS2) Yes
Switches in Multiplayer maps Can be destroyed Indestructible Can be destroyed