This is the TimeSplitter character, for the game, See: TimeSplitters 2
Species TimeSplitter
Size Normal
Native Timezone Unknown
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Reaper Splitter
Scourge Splitter
Splitter Crow
TimeSplitter 1
Games TimeSplitters 1

TimeSplitter (#2) only appears in TimeSplitters 1. They are less skeletal than their counterparts TimeSplitter (#1), having pale flesh with red streaks of blood overlaying white bone. Their faces appear to be a mutated human skull, with two stretched beak-like protrusions extending from an open mouth. Their body appears to have grown from inside a humans, seen in the human arms and legs impaled on their own - as well as a human face having seemingly been ripped in two and pushed to the sides of its skull.



TS1 TimeSplitter 2 Small TimeSplitter

Unlock Challenge > 9-B Flight Delay
Gesture Raises hands as if about to cast energy at the player, whilst making a screechy noise.


  • It appears that this TimeSplitter is a younger, more recently formed 'Splitter. One can see that there are pieces of a dismembered human stuck to this 'Splitter, suggesting it formed inside of a living human host before growing to its full size, shredding and killing its host in the process.
  • Alternately, in line with the story developed in TimeSplitters Future Perfect, it could also appear that it is an "incomplete" TimeSplitter. Something to note is that these only appear in Story missions before 2001. Due to this, when the game was released, these primitive TimeSplitters would be in the past, and fully complete ones would be in the futuristic time periods.
  • They share voice clips with the TimeSplitter 1, and their voice clips were given to the Reaper. Baby Drone (Modified to be higher pitched) and Drone Splitter in TimeSplitters 2, and the Berserker Splitter in TimeSplitters Future Perfect.