Species TimeSplitter
Size Normal
Native Timezone Unknown
Related Characters Berserker Splitter
Reaper Splitter
Scourge Splitter
Splitter Crow
TimeSplitter 2
Games TimeSplitters 1

TimeSplitter (#1) only appears in TimeSplitters 1. They are only encountered in the futuristic time-periods, and therefore the second generic race of TimeSplitter the player encounters. They take on a humanoid appearance, but with protruding ribs, talons and a yellow-purple hue, as well as a deformed, vaguely-human face. Like all TimeSplitters, the player cannot use their energy powers in Arcade Mode.



TS1 TimeSplitter 1 Small TimeSplitter

Unlock Challenge > 9-C Space Vandals
Gesture Growls at player.


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