Species TimeSplitter
Size Normal
Native Timezone Unknown
Related Characters Berserker Splitter
Reaper Splitter
Scourge Splitter
Splitter Crow
TimeSplitter 2
Games TimeSplitters 1

TimeSplitter (#1) only appears in TimeSplitters 1. They are only encountered in the futuristic time-periods, and therefore the second generic race of TimeSplitter the player encounters. They take on a humanoid appearance, but with protruding ribs, talons and a yellow-purple hue, as well as a deformed, vaguely-human face. Like all TimeSplitters, the player cannot use their energy powers in Arcade Mode.



TS1 TimeSplitter 1 Small TimeSplitter

Unlock Challenge > 9-C Space Vandals
Gesture Growls at player.


  • It appears that it is a "complete" or mature TimeSplitter. Something to note is that these only appear in Story missions after 2000. Due to this, when the game was released, primitive TimeSplitters would be in the past, and fully complete ones would be in the futuristic time periods.

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