Tilesets are Mapmaker tools used for adding the feel of the map. Each game has a few tilesets. Changing the Tileset can greatly affect the feel of the level, for example, in TimeSplitters 2 an Industrial Tile map would look like an old, abandoned factory, while changing it to the Alien Tile would give a clean, space look. Additionally, each tile set has one or two rooms that completely change their looks depending on the set. The various tilesets found in each game are described below.


TimeSplitters Edit

  • Alien: A stone shaped area with holograms and ramps.
  • Spaceport: A futuristic airport with seats and spaceships, very similar to the Spaceways map.
  • Industrial: A weapons base with air vents and a missile silo. It is based off of the level Cyberden.
  • Gothic: A medieval style church Tileset. The large room tile features stain glass windows which can be smashed.
  • Virtual: A silver style map that has no objects.

TimeSplitters 2 Edit

  • Alien: A clean, bright tileset with laser doors. The only colours are white and orange.
  • Victorian: This map is based off of the architectural style of the late 19th and early 20th century. Many consider it to be the most popular Tileset in TimeSplitters 2. Due to its versatility, it can be used to create many differently themed maps, such as houses, factories and haunted mansions.
  • Virtual: The TimeSplitters 2 Virtual Tileset is similar in style to the Tileset of the same name in the original TimeSplitters, but unlike the original's version, it has a blueish hue.
  • Industrial: A dank, dirty Tileset. It is most likely to be used in sewer and abandoned factory maps.

TimeSplitters Future Perfect Edit

  • Military: An army bunker tileset that has mines and acidic pit tiles.
  • Lab: This tileset has silver metallic walls and is generally sci-fi in appearance.

Default Vehicle: Turbo Buggy

  • Horror: Think Mansion Of Madness. This tileset has more different types of textures than all other tilesets (wall paper, wood, stones), making it very versatile.
    • Default Vehicle: Zeep
  • Egyptian: As the name implies, this tileset makes great use of Egyptian hieroglyphics and paintings on the walls. All walls appear to be hewn from quarried stone. This tileset shares a strong resemblance to the original TimeSplitters map, Tomb.
    • Default Vehicle: Zeep
  • Virtual: This Tileset remains relatively unchanged from its predecessors, though more attention has been cast to detail.
    • Default Vehicle: Modified Turbo Buggy


  • It has been recently discovered that the horror tileset can be used to create a quite convincing looking wild west map à la TS2. Although it is really complicated to achieve.

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