They're Not Pets!
Game Timesplitters 2
League Elite League
Section Team Series C
Mode Team Deathmatch
Map Circus
Character Mister Giggles
Bots Stumpy

Baby Drone


Baby Drone
Medal Requirements

1st and 30 kills
1st and 40 kills
1st and 55 kills
1st and 108 kills

They're Not Pets! is a Team Series C Elite League Arcade League Team Deathmatch at the Circus.

Briefing Edit

Mister Giggles and Stumpy ordered a bunch of Baby Drone 'Splitters off the internet. When they arrived, they bit the Bear's nose and ripped off Lola's costume. The Ringmistress is not pleased - she wants rid of them. Watch out for the Bear though, he's pretty mad.

Strategy Edit

Without the radar, this challenge can be frustrating. Especially when you get close to gold, maybe within 1 or 2 kills, then get silver due to lack of enemies. Keep in mind, it takes more time to kill the Bear than the Baby Drone's. There are multiple weapon choices that can be effective, depending on how you play. Your starting weapon, the Crossbow is actually considerably efficient, so you can rely on it. The Tactical 12-Gauge can be really good for fast kills if you are good with the switching tactic, using secondary, holster and deploy again to speed up against it's firing delay. The SBP90 Machinegun (x2) is also good for fast kills, even the Plasma Autorifle too. If you get a hold of this and use your weapon of choice effectively, you will eventually get gold or even platinum.

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