The Dead, The Bad and The Silly
The dead the bas the silly
Game TimeSplitters Future Perfect
League Elite League
Section Retro Chique
Mode Team Deathmatch
Map Mexican Mission
Character Sheriff Skullface
Enemies Encountered Eli Scrubs
Jared Slim
Rewards Bronze : Jared Slim
Medal Requirements Bronze : 30 kills
Silver : 30 kills in 03:00.0
Gold : 30 kills in 02:25.0
Platinum : 30 kills in 02:10.0
World Record : 30 kills in
01:08.7 (josh)

The Dead, The Bad and The Silly is an Arcade League challenge in the Retro Chique series of the Elite League in TimeSplitters Future Perfect where you play a Team Deathmatch in Mexican Mission as Sheriff Skullface.

Briefing Edit

Jared Slim and Venus have been robbing banks, stealing laundry and generally terrorising right thinking folk all across the Rio Grande. Now they've holed up in the old Mexican Mission with a mechanized cactus man who goes by the name of Eli Scrubs. Time to bring'em in Sheriff. Dead or Alive, that's you by the way, no one's actually sure if you're dead or alive...

Strategy Edit

Wherever you start, head straight for the middle with the fountain. This is a three on one, but you shouldn't be dying too much. When you get to the middle, to the left right in the corner under the cloak powerup is a Shotgun, and will be your primary weapon. To the far right next to the building on the right will be a flare gun, which you'll use if you run out of shotgun bullets. Now, just use the shotgun on them all. Venus usually takes one hit, while the others take two. The ammunition will probably not have reappeared by the time you have run out, so use the flare guns and wait nearby so that nobody else grabs it. A more sure-fire way of winning with a gold or platinum would be to pull off the Flare Gun Glitch, whilst collecting ammo.

Trivia Edit