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The Cat's Pajamas
Game TimeSplitters Future Perfect
Section Cat Driving
Location Siberia
Character Strudel

Gilbert Gastric
Medal Requirements


The Cat's Pajamas is a TimeSplitters Future Perfect Challenge. It involves doing three laps of a course based in the Siberia map using the cat named Strudel.

Briefing Edit

Only the finest cat drivers have the ability to shine on this treacherous frozen circuit. Remember to balance the throttle in the corners, just feel the line, dig your claws in and don't let the back end slip out on this tricky ice track.

Strategy Edit

This may seem to be the hardest of the Cat Driving races, but is realitivley easy. The main strategy is to memorize the course layout and ignore the paths created, and instead focus on the checkpoints. Because you are on ice, do not accelerate too much or you will tip and waste time. The best thing to do is powerslide (stop accelerating) when nearing the check points and break to shave off speed when at them. Once you get a handle of the way Strudel moves on the ice, and ignore the paths, then you should get a gold for sure.

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