A blue teleport, seen in Return to Planet X.


A yellow teleport, seen in Mapmaker.

Teleports are used mostly in Mapmaker. If you run into it, you teleport to the location of the correspondent teleport. They are a floating clouds that glow with different colors.


  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Cyan

Other InfoEdit

  • You must place two of the same color teleports to be able to teleport.
  • Teleports work either way until they were changed in the Future Perfect Mapmaker, where you can have one only send and the other only receive, if desired.
  • In Future Perfect Mapmaker, teleports not only can be one-way but also be team specific, only allowing team-members to go through teleports which belong to that team. (Blue team cannot go through teleports assigned to Red Team etc.). However, bots can go through one-way teleports the wrong way when unobserved. Also, bots ignore team rules (a blue team bot will use a red team teleport if they please). Bots cannot, however, go through a ladder-configuration teleporter (teleport inlet leads to a teleport outlet on a ledge immediately above).