Superfly Lady
Game TimeSplitters 2
League Honorary League
Section Team Series B
Mode Assault
Map Hangar
Character Kitten Celeste
Accompanied by
Harry Tipper
Dr. Peabody
Enemies Encountered Henchman x2
Dark Henchman
Rewards Silver: Hangar Assault Mode
Gold: Capt. Pain
Medal Requirements Bronze: 6 min
Silver: 3 min
Gold: 2 min
Platinum: 1 min 30 secs

Superfly Lady is a challenge in the Arcade League section, Team Series B. It involves the Atom Smasher characters playing the Hangar Assault course.

Briefing Edit

Khallos is hoping to make a getaway in his executive evil lair jet - But typically, he has forgotten to fuel it up. If Kitten can just manage to beat off the henchmen and blow their barrels, his evil flight plans may be foiled once again.

Strategy Edit

Main article: Assault#Hangar
  • Strategy specifically for Superfly Lady. This seems difficult at first, but once you get to know it a platinum should be possible. The Soviet S47 is the weapon to use for this game, use grenades for targets on the ground, use Aim Mode to hit higher targets & ignore the enemy bots & the fixed guns you do not need to destroy. You've got to expect to be shot quite a lot & killed a few times but as long as you can achieve 2 or 3 things with each life fou should make progress towards an award. Make your way to where the action is happening, there are 2 fixed guns on the ceiling ignore them for the moment, it's too dangerous to shoot them here, try to pick up an S47 but your friends might have beaten you to it. You will see a tripod gun ahead of you amoung the boxes, if you've got the S47 send 2 grenades towards it, if not you'll have to get it later as with any other targets you don't get first time. Go around to your left & look through a gap between the boxes & the wall so you can see the back of one of the guns on the ceiling, use Aim Mode & shoot it with the S47 or if not you should have the tactical 12 gauge. If you haven't got the S47 you really need to find one (but in the meantime you could try to get the other ceiling gun). Backtrack slightly so you can see across to what is the far right corner of the room if viewed from your starting location, there are 2 tripod guns over there so send 2 or 3 grenades towards them, then turn to your right & so you can see the back of the other ceiling gun, destroy it the same as the first. Head through the shutter door behind the 2 tripod guns, turn right, you'll see a tripod gun on top of a box, go behind it & round to your left so you up against a partition wall, use aim mode to shoot it. Then look around the partition wall so your looking further into the mission, there's a tripod gun towards the far left corner so send 2 grenades towards it. Turn to your right around the partition wall & run forward, you might pick up some armour here, ignore the 2 high up guns for now, there's a tripod gun in the far right corner, send 2 or 3 grenades towards it, the hanger door is behind this gun but it's locked at this stage. Once that's destoyed use Aim Mode to shoot the 2 high up guns from underneath them. Go up the stairs then make you way forward & to the right until you see a tripod gun, ignore all the fixed guns & enemies here, you'll get shot a lot but it's not worth the time to shoot at them, go past the tripod gun & you'll see a switch on the wall, activate this. It's no bad thing if you get killed now as the respawn point is quite handy, if not then drop through the hole which the crane lowers the box through. Go through the hanger door & into the hanger, approach the plane & you'll see the back wheels slightly to you left, there are some tripod guns & 2 barrels near these wheels, send a few grenades that way, the barrels are your main target not the guns, the barrels are around to the left & one of them is quite far round so make sure you get them both. Then head towards the front of the plane, ignore all fixed guns & enemies, the last barrel is by the front wheels, use grenades and/or shoot using Aim Mode to destroy the barrel.