The Super Smashing Great Challenges, also referring to Glass Smash in TimeSplitters 2 or the Challenges under Section 4, all focus around breaking stuff.



Timesplitters 1 showcase Section 4 Challenges-008:23

Timesplitters 1 showcase Section 4 Challenges-0


The Challenges in the original TimeSplitters involve smashing windows; first at the Site and then at the Chinese Restaurant by various means. The first Chinese challenge uses M16 fire to take them out, but the third uses Bricks.

TimeSplitters 2Edit

Timesplitters 2 Showcase Glass Smash (Challenge Section 1)03:07

Timesplitters 2 Showcase Glass Smash (Challenge Section 1)


The Challenges in TimeSplitters 2 involve smashing Windows in Siberia's Oblask Dam with Soviet S47 grenades and with Bricks in the fastest times possible. There are slight differences in the distance a grenade goes in the NTSC and PAL versions of TimeSplitters 2, allowing NTSC players to achieve slightly better times.

TimeSplitters Future PerfectEdit

Unlike in previous games, the Challenges in TimeSplitters Future Perfect are not just based around smashing windows. The first challenge is the same as the original Brick Flung High challenge. During Absolutely Potty, the player smashes pots, and in Don't Lose Your Bottle the player smashes glass bottles.


  • The name of the challenge is a famous catchphrase used by the comedian Jim Bowen, particularly when he presented Bullseye.

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