Story AI are available in Mapmaker for single-player story missions in TimeSplitters 2 and TimeSplitters Future Perfect. Story AI behave much differently from the Bots available for multiplayer modes. They can be assigned various attributes such as Wait, Patrol, or Attack. Their ability to spot the player can be used to devise story missions involving stealth. There are some differences in Story AI options and characteristics between the two games.

TimeSplitters 2Edit

In TimeSplitters 2, a maximum of 10 Story AI can be placed in a map, each with a maximum of 20 lives. Story AI in TimeSplitters 2 can be divided into two general classes based on attacking behavior, with a few special characters having unique characteristics. Head shots deal a significant amount of damage; dealing 4.0 points of damage on most weapons according to the in-game memory. Punches to the back deal 8.0 points of damage. As a reference, the Player has 70/40/15 hit-points and 20/11/8 armor in Easy, Normal and Hard respectively. The player has twice as much health on Robot Factory and Space Station, and 1.5x as much in Planet X . The Enemy AI can have 1.0 (easy mode Siberia Soldiers) to 98 Hit points (Hard Portal Daemon)

  • Exceptions to the 4.0 headshot rule:
    • Laser Gun: deals 2 damage on uncharged shots, or 10/8 for head/chest on charged shots. Oddly enough, the AI can only output 6/4 damage for head/chest damage instead.
    • Crossbow: deals 6 damage on head shots from players, while the AI deal the standard 4.
    • Shotgun/12-Guage: which deal up to 2 points of damage per bullet at close range, this damage drops off at longer range which explains the lack of damage it deals to the Portal Daemon's head.
  • Normal
    • When attacking, the normal Story AI acts much like a multiplayer bot.
    • Shooting a Rocket from the Rocket Launcher near an unaware bot will cause them to panic and cower, similar to when a civilian is shot or sees fighting in Chicago or NeoTokyo. When they are cowering it is possible to run right past the AI without retaliation and they will not chase you when they regain their confidence, though attacking them or another AI near them will cause the AI to behave normally. It takes roughly 10 seconds for an AI to stop cowering, after which they will simply look startled as if an ally had died within hearing range and will resume idle animations. This also applies to Reaper Splitters and Drone Splitters set to Spawn & Wait.
  • Zombie
    • Zombie characters cannot be armed. (Although Unarmed is not a weapon choice, any chosen weapon will not appear for a Zombie.)
    • Zombies attack by shambling and limping directly at the player, sometimes stumbling and getting up again, making the head a difficult target.
    • A successful headshot will decapitate for an instant kill.
    • Stationary and Spawn & Wait Zombies start slumped on the ground and will not rise until the player gets near enough to "wake" them or they are set alight.
    • Most Zombies can survive a single punch to the back if it does not decapitate them; Hybrid Mutants can take up to 5 hits before dying as they boast 10 times the health of any standard character, though they can still be decapitated for an instant kill.
  • Special Characters
    • Scourge Splitters are the most durable non-boss, gun wielding enemy; boasting 3/7/10 health in the respective difficulty, so multiple headshots are needed to kill one.
    • Drone Splitters and Baby Drone Splitters have 4.8/8.4/13.2 health and 1.6/2.4/2.8 health respectively. As headshots generally do 4.0 damage per shot in Story it takes 2-4 headshots from any weapon to put them down with ease. They cannot Patrol (setting to Patrol will cause them to Attack instead), and like Zombies they cannot be armed. Unlike most other characters, a single punch to the back of the head will not kill the unaware Drone Splitter though Baby Drones will die instantly.
    • Reaper Splitters also have a significant amount of health; having 4.5/9.0/13.5 health. When attacking, they have the ability to cloak themselves and teleport, usually behind the player. They throw homing lightning rather than using any assigned weapon, and do not flinch when hit. Like the Drone Splitter, a single punch to the back of the head will not kill the unaware Reaper Splitter. It is also important to note they must have be able to see the player in order to activate their normal Story AI. (If set to Spawn & Attack, they will run towards the player like a multiplayer bot until they see the player, wherein the Story AI takes over)
    • Sentry Bots on Robot Factory is actually a unique enemy only accessible through memory hacking. This explains it's differences in animations and durability than the normal Sentry Bot's you can place in mapmaker. They have 7/11/13 hitpoints and cannot be headshotted, making them fearsome enemy to engage.
    • Stone Golems much like the Sentry Bot is actually a different enemy in the Aztec Ruins story level than the one you can place in Map Maker story mode. This explains their immunity to all damage except explosives.
    • Wood Golems are also a different enemy in Aztec Ruins than you can use in mapmaker. They have 2.4/3.0/3.6 health, but only receive 1% of the incoming damage from anything that isn't fire or explosive. They do take normal damage from flaming cross-bolts though, which most likely explains their low hitpoints.

TimeSplitters Future PerfectEdit

In TimeSplitters Future Perfect, a maximum of 50 Story AI can be placed in a map (though only 19 can be spawned at one time), each with a maximum of 999 lives. Story AI in TimeSplitters Future Perfect can be divided into three general classes based on attacking behavior, with a few special characters having unique characteristics.

  • Normal
    • When attacking, the normal Story AI acts much like a multiplayer bot when armed.
    • When Unarmed or when armed with a Baseball Bat, the attacking Normal will not go straight towards the player, but will run at a slow pace towards the player in an often roundabout-looking way along the tracks of an invisible movement grid.
    • Normals armed with something other than a Baseball Bat will run to and man a Gun Turret if the turret is within their range of perception and can turn in the direction the player. Used for the Turret Runner exploit.
    • In the Military tile set, an armed and attacking Normal will use the generic large item for cover.
    • With the exception of The Freak and some Fire-Proof characters, all Normals will die instantly from fire.
  • Zombie
    • Zombies can be armed but fire at a slow rate while advancing directly upon the player at a slow zombie walk.
    • Most can be decapitated for an instant kill, with exceptions being characters carried over from TS2, which can no longer be beheaded, and Nurse Sputum. (Additional characters such as Mr. Fleshcage and Carrion Carcass, while not literally being zombies, fall into this Zombie "class" for Story AI but cannot be decapitated.)
    • Stationary and Spawn & Wait Zombies will only start slumped on the ground if using the Undead Bot Set. Otherwise the zombie will be standing up and will be able to spot the approaching player.
    • Zombies will not die instantly from fire, but take damage from it slowly. If a zombie dies from fire they will perform a unique death animation, though this does not happen if they are killed by other means after being set alight.
  • Robot
    • When attacking, the robot Story AI acts much like a robot when armed, firing at a normal rate while advancing directly upon the player at a slow robot walk with accompanying sound effects.
    • When Unarmed, the attacking Robot will act like a Normal under these conditions, running at a slow pace towards the player in an often roundabout-looking way along the tracks of an invisible movement grid.
    • When armed with a Baseball Bat, the Robot will not run up to swing the bat but will instead act as if armed with a gun. It advances directly upon the player at a slow robot walk, never inflicting damage to the player.
  • Special Characters
    • Berserker Splitters, when attacking, cloak themselves and throw homing lightning. If given a gun or inventory key, these will be dropped on the ground at the point the Berserker spots the player and they go into Berserker mode. Berserkers can use teleporters and cause doors to toggle open, but only before going into Berserker mode; once gone berserk (spotted player), these items will no longer work for them. If accidentally set on fire by another Story AI, the Berserker will attack and kill the offending Story AI.
    • Freaks will retaliate against other AI if set on fire by them.
    • Berserker Splitters will not go into Berserk mode if they are set to Spawn & Attack if they cannot reach the player when they spawn, instead they act like a Normal AI.
    • Deep Divers will never attempt to use Turrets, can not aim dual-wielded weapons at all when in a player's field of vision and have a reduced sight range.

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