Station Stand
Ze TSWiki Arcade 5 Station Stand
Game center
League Amateur League
Section Team Series A
Mode Zones
Map Ice Station
Character Female Trooper
Bots Male Trooper

Female Trooper
SentryBot x3


Lt. Shade
Medal Requirements

1000 in 05:30.0
1000 in 04:30.0
1000 in 03:15.0
1000 in 02:10.4

Station Stand is the second Arcade League match of Team Series A in TimeSplitters 2. It is a fairly simple Zones match.

Briefing Edit

A squad of SentryBots are attempting to take over the Ice Station asteroid. Team up with the Space Troopers to secure critical locations and repel the attack.

Strategy Edit

It's best to either to run a path to every zone on the map or to guard two or three zones at a time, whatever works best for you. The best weapon to use is the Rocket Launcher, which can be found in the centre building. Also, it's better to avoid the SentryBots rather than attack them, since they're somewhat difficult to kill, unless you have a Rocket Launcher.

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