Stain Removal
Game TimeSplitters 2
Section Glass Smash
Location Notre Dame Cathedral: Balcony
Character Undead Priest
Targets Windows (32)

The Hunchback
Medal Requirements

23 points
28 points
32 points
32 points in 48.0 sec

Stain Removal is a mission done in the Notre Dame Cathedral. You need to shoot the stain glass windows into shards using a Grenade Launcher.


The life of a zombie would be far more pleasant if it weren't for the Hunchback spoiling the Wednesday morning sacrifices. Get your own back on him, and knock out as many stained glass windows as you can within the time limit.


Note: Use the alternate fire incendiary grenades.

Take out the three windows on your left, then strife right and fire at the ones above opposite you. When you reach the end, take out the square window at the top, the four next to it, then the three below them. Now go left of the column ahead of you and take out the far window that was to the left of the three you just shot at. Turn around and go as far left as you can so you can get the one that was behind you. Go back to where you started and strife left down the other side, while taking out the ones opposite as you go. When you stop, shoot the square window at the top, the four to the left of it and then the three below them.

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