Spoils of War
Ze TSWiki Arcade 3 Spoils of War
Game TimeSplitters 2
League Amateur League
Section It's a Blast
Mode Thief
Map Ice Station
Character Sgt. Cortez
Enemies Encountered Female Trooper
Hank Nova
Meezor Mox
Rewards Silver: Thief
Gold: Meezor Mox
Medal Requirements Bronze: 25
Silver: 25 Kills in 6 mins
Gold: 25 Kills in 4 mins 30.0 secs
Platinum: 25 Kills in 2 min 40.0 secs

Spoils of War is an Arcade League match that introduces the game mode Thief.


Kills count for nothing in this game, only the rewards left behind by dead contenders are worth collecting. Be the first to 25 points!


Grab a speed power-up and start blasting away and don't forget to collect the coins. Always kill enemies that are close to you, don't shoot at anyone at the other end of the arena, because by the time you get there, somebody might have already collected the booty. A good alternative to killing the other opponents yourself is to just walk around and pick up any stray coins you come across. Sometimes several coins can be found after a firefight if nobody survived.

Always remember where you were when you got killed. If you respawn nearby, you might be able to collect the coin you dropped as you died. If you find yourself a long way from everyone else, it might be worth committing suicide by aiming at the ground. You might respawn nearer to everyone, or if you respawn near where you died, you can get the coin you dropped. If you can see a coin but think someone else might beat you to it shoot at the coin as you run towards it. Hopefully you'll stop anyone getting it, and if you kill anyone in the process, you might get more than one coin.

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