Splitter Crow
Splitter Crow
Species Human/TimeSplitter Mutant Cyborg
Native TimeZone 2052
Relations Mad Old Crow (Human form)
Appearances Story
Something To Crow About
Future Perfect
Splitter Crow is the final form of Crow that you see. He is part human, part TimeSplitter, and part robot; it is the form that Crow thinks has made him invincible, which was his whole plan during the game. You first fight him twice, after the first time, he teleports before you finish him off. Then you fight him in the last level, Future Perfect, where you
ZeEmoticon SplitterCrow
need to shoot out his hands and feet, and while he can't move or shoot you, shoot at his now unprotected behind. He is not playable due to his massive size. But like Princess, he could have been shrunk down in size (in fact, he probably would've been even easier to do this with than for Princess). The first fight against Crow is harder than the second because he was hurt considerably before the second fight.



  • He's the only TimeSplitter fought as a boss.
  • During the first battle, Crow has a noticeably large mass of flesh and extra weapons on his rear. It seems to detach after he is wounded and the cut scene starts for the next level, though strangely it does not appear in the background during the cut scene.
  • This mass seemed to weigh Crow down; he slides along the floor on treads in the first battle but it free to move around and 'walk' when it is detached. However, the wound where it was cut off is the weak point during the second battle.
  • Despite being the creator of the TimeSplitters, Crow's actual role in the TimeSplitter "hierarchy" is not explicitly stated. It is unknown if he truly does direct the TimeSplitters to cause the atrocities they commit, or if they simply act independently of Crow. Crow does not seem to be aware (or care) of the TimeSplitters' role in the future (Merely dismissing Cortez's claim by calling them "Humankind's genetic superiors"). On the other hand, he does clearly have some desire for world domination and control (He states in You Genius, U-Genix that "Soon we will live forever, and take our place as rulers of humanity!"), so it is possible he does control the Splitters. Nothing is truly known, however.