Spaceways Stewardess
Species Human
Size Normal
Native Timezone 2035
Related Characters None
Games TimeSplitters
Spaceways Stewardess is a generic character, however her gesture suggests her name is Anna, including posters at the start of the mission. She works at the Spaceways Spaceport, and only appears in the original TimeSplitters. She has platinum-blonde hair and wears red-and-white tops over a blue one, as well as a black miniskirt and red boots.



TS1 Spaceways Stewardess Small Spaceways Stewardess

Unlock Complete Spaceways on Hard
Gesture Looks up saying "I'm Anna!" and blows a kiss, then says "Fly me!"
The Spaceways Sterwardess appears in the Spaceways mission as well as the Flight Delay Challenge taking place at the same location. She also appears in Everyone Must Go! as an ally of the player.


2035, SpacewaysEdit

Main article: Spaceways (Story)

The Stewardesses at the Spaceways shoot at the Gretel and R-108 robots while they are taking the free goods. It would appear they are lacking motivation, however the reasoning behind the robots presence are unexplained further than they wish to board the Yareel Express, and the usual state of the Spaceways is unknown. The enemies in the mission all being natural organisms or cyborgs could suggest that the state of the advanced-space travel colonies are prejudiced towards Robots, though there is no further statement supporting this.


  • Her gesture somewhat foreshadows that of Candi Skyler's - both having females introduce themselves followed by "fly me". This could also be a reference to "I'm Mandy Fly Me", a song by 10cc.