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Spaceways is the last listed Story level in TimeSplitters 1. You can control either R108 or Gretel. Your mission is to fight your way to the rocket base and find some duty-free Goods. The level takes place in 2035, although interplanetary travel and autonomous robots seem unlikely to exist at this date. The year was chosen due to systematic 5/15 year gaps between levels on the original game. It may then be safe to assume, that the level actually takes place in 2350, although this cannot be confirmed. An alternate theory does exist: that all dates provided by the games are in fact accurate, yet are not relevant to the timeline of the reader/player; that is, Spaceways takes place in an alternate (to the reader/player) 2035, yet a 2035 which is internally consistent within the timeline of the games.

  • Timesplitters 1 showcase Spaceways (Story on Normal)04:04

    Timesplitters 1 showcase Spaceways (Story on Normal)

    Spaceways (Story on Normal) video

    Spaceways Easy World Record - 44.8 seconds by Ace, Butternutsquash and Silent Thunder
  • Spaceways Normal World Record - 44.8 by Silent Thunder
  • Spaceways Hard World Record - 44.9 by Silent Thunder


Grab your duty free goods and board the Yareel Express!


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The duty free goods are in the left tower, behind the bar table. When you have them, you need to get into the rocket, by going to opposite way, to the right tower. You will find some splitters in the way, but, in easy difficulty,the end is easy. But, in normal and hard, there is a minigun turret in the rocket, trying to spoil your good escape. Well, the easy way to kill it is you can use Scifi Autorifle plasma bomb, destroying it immediately. Watch out though! If you have low health, you will die too in the explosion if you go near it in a hurry!

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