Size Small
Location A Spaceport
Climate Day/Sunny
Unlockable Complete the second set of three Story missions

The Spaceways map features the café and launch pad area of the Spaceways port as seen towards the end of Story mode.

It is interesting to note that there may have been plans to have a larger Spaceways. This is shown on the case of the original TimeSplitters, where there is a screenshot of the lounge area, the second room entered in story mode, but with the HUD of an arcade match. Also in the manual there is a shot of the taxi area where you begin the level, again from an arcade point of view. However, seeing as the corridors are so long, what may have been planned was a second map in addition to the first, that encompassed the first parts of the level, to keep each map a reasonable size. However this was not put into the final game and can only be played in the Escort mode.


Timesplitters 1 showcase Spaceways (Arcade)13:04

Timesplitters 1 showcase Spaceways (Arcade)

Spaceways (Arcade) video

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