Ze TSWiki Space Time HQ

The inside of HQ.

The Spacetime Marine HQ is the main base of all Spacetime Marines. The Headquarters is commanded by The General. The first story mode mission of TimeSplitters Future Perfect takes place here, as does The Hooded Man. Also, the first challenge mission of Cut-out-shoot-out (Hart Attack) takes place in this location.

Story ModeEdit

Cortez arrives at HQ where he meets with The General, and they talk about the crystals and finding energy residues. After going up an elevator to the Time Machine's room, the General introduces Cortez to Anya. Anya puts a Temporal Uplink on Cortez's arm and sends him to an island where they believe the Time Crystals are located, called Urnsay.

The place reappears in The Hooded Man, where Cortez must defend his past self and help him reach HQ safely.

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